‘Acting Was A By Chance Thing For Me And I Never Really Planned For It’- Big Bull Actress Nikita Dutta

‘Acting Was A By Chance Thing For Me And I Never Really Planned For It’- Big Bull Actress Nikita Dutta

Avya Sharma

In 2015, I remember being hooked to this show called Dream Girl. What really drew me towards the show was the bubbly character of Lakshmi played by Nikita Dutta. I absolutely loved watching her on the TV screen! The actress then went on to star in films like Kabir Singh, Gold, Maska, and she was recently seen in Abhishek Bachchan‘s Big Bull. Being her loyal admirer, I got super excited when I had the chance to interview her. The gorgeous actress spoke about Big Bull and all things movies.

Here are the excerpts from the interview

How did Big Bull happen to you?

Big Bull happened very quickly, I was put on a call with director Cookie Gulati while I was in Mauritius shooting at that time. As soon as I came back, I met him and he narrated the whole story, told me what the film was, what the character was and gave me an idea and instantly like I didn’t have to think twice or anything. I got so excited and I said yes I will do the role and it was a yes from his side and within the next 2 days we did the look trial and everything just worked out. So I got this film in a very non-hectic way.

What was it like working with Abhishek Bachchan?

On the first day when I met him, we were doing look trials at that time and of course like you have seen this actor since you are a child and you have seen his first film so there’s always some kind of a thought that you have in your mind when you are about to meet the person. However, I went with a very blank state and Abhishek was very interactive right from the beginning and so when we had to shoot on the first day of our shoot, it was the second time I was meeting him and we were shooting a romantic song and that’s when I was a little nervous thinking that how am I going to do this because I met him only once and I need to show some chemistry and I hoped it all goes in the correct way. Abhishek is so interactive and makes you so feel so comfortable and at no point he made me feel like its the first day of my shoot do it all got very easy. In the next 2 days, he was already pulling my leg, cracking jokes- that’s how smoothly it all happened. So now when I think about all of it I realise I had a really good time shooting.

How did you feel when you got to know your film was releasing on an OTT platform?

I got to know this last year during the pandemic that this is going to be on OTT. There was supposed to be a theatrical release on October 23rd but once we saw how the lockdown was going on, theatres weren’t opening and we saw no chance of them opening up anytime soon so the best way to handle this situation was to release the film on OTT. So, I feel in the current scenario and also the lockdown, this was the best way out. Even though some movies have released in the theatres, people are still not very comfortable to go and we want this movie to reach the audience so I think OTT was a wise decision.

Was being an actor always your plan?

It just happened. Acting was a by chance thing for me and I never really planned for it. Dream Girl also came to me in a very funny fashion. I was anchoring with Starts Sports and that’s when the talent head of Star Plus happened to see me on screen and they came to me and they asked if I want to do a television show. I said I’m not sure because I was doing this film called Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. I was very comfortable being an anchor but then they told me about a very interesting script which was based on Gone With The Wind. So I got excited because I really love the classic book and I thought maybe I can give it a try and that’s how I came on board with the channel. But unfortunately, the show didn’t happen but they asked me to hang on and said they really liked me. They later offered me another TV show but I didn’t like the script much. So I told them that I don’t mind doing it but I need to like what I’m doing. That’s when the third that was offered to me was Dream Girl.

On the professional front, Nikita Dutta has Ezra with Emraan Hashmi and Rocket Gang alongside Aditya Seal.

I sure can’t wait to see what Nikita has in store for us! What about you guys?