Searching For Sheela, a documentary highlighting the colourful and controversial life led by Osho’s personal secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, has made its way on our watch lists and rightfully so. It sheds light on her fascinating past and gives us another peek into the powerful spiritual movement led by Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh or Osho. Our very own boss-lady, Malini Agarwal, who featured in the documentary too, spoke to Ma Anand Sheela about her life and experiences and it was incredible. Ma Anand Sheela, true to herself, did not hold back. She was bold and unabashed and spoke freely about her truth, relationships and ideologies. Here are five (out of many) bold truths she dropped during the interview, and boy, are they are insightful! Ma Sheela said,

You think I’ve done something wrong. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, even in the eyes of the law.

1. On Her Relationship With Bhagwan

It is no secret that Ma Sheela loved Bhagwan very deeply. As his personal secretary and closest confidant, their relationship was not without its fair share of bumps and thorns. It was also rumoured to be sexual and toxic. Malini dived right in and asked her about it and the importance it held in her life. Ma Sheela said,

It was an intimate love affair and a relationship has nothing to do with sexuality. Love has nothing to do with sex.

2. On Bollywood

With celebrities like Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt potentially starring in movies on the Osho movement, Malini was sure that Ma Sheela would have some views on it, and she was right. Ma Sheela expressed her joy in the fact that Bollywood was focusing on something real.

3. On Bhagwan’s Divine Touch

We’ve all seen the videos of Bhagwan’s divine touch and the effect it has on people. They feel it instantly and it is as if a spiritual thunderbolt shocks their system. But was this touch real? Or was it psychosomatic? Malini asked Ma Sheela this exact question, to which Ma Sheela replied saying it was very real. She said,

‘Psychosomatism’ is ours and our reaction to Bhawan is also ours. And both are real.

4. On What Really Happened After Her Fallout With Bhagwan

Searching For Sheela ended on a sort of cliffhanger with a lot of unanswered questions. To get some clarity, Malini asked Ma Sheela what really happened after her fallout with Bhagwan. At first, Ma Sheela was hesitant to answer, claiming it would sound unbelievable. However, she later revealed the truth. She said that a city with over 1000 people was created. They built a monument that was beautiful and bigger than life itself. More than its beauty, this monument stood for unity and the truth that people can work together to be harmonious.

5. On Being Bold

Ma Sheela is known for her sass and boldness. She doesn’t hold back at all. When Malini asked Ma Sheela if she regretted her past or blamed someone for it, her reply was confident and honest. She said,

I live with boldness. I have too much pride in myself to blame someone else for my condition.

Watch the entire interview for more truth-bombs and tell-all tales on Ma Sheela’s interesting life!

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