Velvet Nails Are Trending And We’re Obsessed!

Velvet Nails Are Trending And We’re Obsessed!

Kanak Devnani

Velvet nails are the latest manicure trend that’s hit our radar and we’re more than a little obsessed. Nail trends come and go but we don’t often see one as jaw-dropping dazzling as these. First spotted sporadically during Christmas last year, these glistening designs have slowly been picking steam over the past few months and popping all over on our Instagram feed. You truly need to see the videos of these luxurious nails dazzling in the light to get the full effect. This shimmering effect is created sans velvet fabric with rather unexpected tools; finely milled magnetic glitter and a magnet of course. Painted on the nails, it reflects the light to create the luxe illusion of this crushed velvet texture without it actually feeling fuzzy. Isn’t that just genius!

What’s so fun about this almost holographic nail art design is the many ways you can make them truly unique to yourself. Plus it’s chic without being too in your face. If you love something bold you can always go all out with saturated colour or even play around with graphic designs. While those who prefer more subtlety can use it as part of a French manicure. However your style, there’s no limit to where, when or how you can rock these manicures all year round. Ready to dip your fingers into this new sparkling trend? We’ve got you covered with some gorgeous nail inspo.

Scroll down to check dazzling velvet nails for your next manicure:

1. Sage green

One of the first velvet manicures that went viral, nail artist Amy Le’s shimmery green nails look gorgeous in the sunlight. We’ve been fawning over it ever since she first posted it.

2. Dreamy clouds

Cloud themed nail art is still quite trendy. Pair it with a velvet effect and you’ve got these dreamy nails for the summer.

3. Mismatched Velvet Tips

Play around with your manicure tips. But don’t be afraid to have fun and shake things up a bit with different colours on each hand.

4. Pink sheen

Who said you have to wear extensions for these manicures? These sweet pink nails sparkle just as good on your natural nails.

5. French manicure

Gorgeous right? If you love a more minimal look these French velvet tips are the perfect style for you. Subtle but still makes a statement. BTW if you haven’t heard French manicures are back in a big way.

6. Abstract swirls

Get in with the graphic swirl trend as well with the velvet glitter and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

7. Celestial blue

Go for a galaxy-inspired ombre with a subtle colour fade that just glistens in the sun.

8. Champagne dreams

Classy, chic and sophisticated yet super magical. These nails give us major crystal vibes.

9. Minty fresh

10. Purple sheen

11. Silver halo

Which one of these nails is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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