It is often said that if you want to forget your troubles, dance. Dance is an art form via which you can express your emotions using the simplest movements and actions. And at times, it can also be a means to just vent out pent up energy of any kind. For me, it is usually the latter. Dancing is what I resort to when I am happy, excited, want to uplift my mood or probably even have a fun workout session. Massive of my dance inspiration also comes from some amazing creators who are killin‘ it on Instagram. On the occasion of International Dance Day, I have a list of a few dance creators, whose videos are unique, intriguing and every bit inspiring.

Check them out…

1. Rukmini Vijayakumar

This creator’s dance videos gets me feeling a mixed bag of emotions that ranges from amazed, stunned, inspired and serenity. Rukmini’s choice of dance form is classical but the usage of varied backdrops, stunning locations, interesting concepts leave the viewers mesmerized. All of this creator’s videos are my favourite, but this specific one left me feeling quite calm and in awe.

2. Dr. Richa Negi

This doc has such a lively and bubbly energy, which is absolutely infectious. Richa’s dance videos are filled with the exact energy that literally uplifts my mood. She shot to fame when her dance video in a PPE kit got viral on the internet and her recent appearance on the television show Dance Deewane left everyone amazed. We have massive respect for her and her profession.

3. Eshna Kutty

Now here’s a creator who has created magic on the ‘gram by merging two of her passions. Eshna Kutty’s efficient and flawless acts with the hula hoop have left many amazed and when she sways to the music as well, it is an absolute visual treat to watch. This specific video of hers is my fave, the choice of song, that saree teamed with that grace literally made me say, “Wow!” FYI, this #SareeFlow of hers really took the internet by storm.

4. Ricky Pond

Ricky Pond is one creator who loves dancing and absolutely loves Bollywood as well as some regional language songs from India. We have seen him dance to some popular numbers from the yesteryears and recent hits as well. But what truly makes his videos special is the way he enjoys himself in each and every one of his videos. I also enjoy watching Ricky’s fam being a part of the videos and his doggo, Kali, making special appearances too.

5. Ravi Bala Sharma

This talented creator is a huge inspiration for many on the ‘gram. Her passion for dancing can be seen in her videos so evidently. Ravi Bala Sharma’s amazing dance moves and grace teamed with her very relatable and cute captions fills me with inspiration.

6. Akshay Partha and his Nani

Instagram has so many Reel trends that keep making their way to the top almost every week. And a creator who ensures that apart from him, his grandma is also in the loop with the trends is Akshay Partha. Akshay’s Nani has been taking on the viral trends like a boss, one video at a time. And that swagger vibe in each video… I absolutely love it! #BigFan

7. Nikhil Babar

Nikhil Babar is a creator who has gained popularity for not only being a fitness enthusiast but also an avid dancer. What makes him stand out from the rest is that his videos focus on the Magic Mike dance style, making him probably the first creator to do so. Kudos to you!

8. Naveen K Razak and Janaki Omkumar

Quite recently, the internet couldn’t stop raving about these two docs, Naveen and Janaki, who danced to Boney M’s superhit song, Rasputin in their scrubs! Those dance moves were so smooth and that vibe immediately made the viewers become their fans. This video really managed to lift my spirits up during these uncertain times.

So, these were some of the dance creators whose amazing dance skills teamed with that touch of uniqueness made them stand out from the rest. During these unpredictable and stressful times, their content sure did manage to bring a smile to my face and uplift my mood. I truly hope they did the same for you too. I personally loved them all, but do you have a favourite from this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Also, here’s hoping better times arrive soon, until then, we request all of you to stay home, stay safe. Wishing everyone a happy #InternationalDanceDay once again.