Pooja Hegde (Source: Instagram | @hegdepooja)
Pooja Hegde (Source: Instagram | @hegdepooja)

Pooja Hegde who had recently tested positive for Covid-19 is reaching out to people from home while in quarantine. She recently did a live session on her social media with popular yoga teacher, Mihir Joglekar. While Pooja still recovers from Covid-19, she has been active on social media trying to help people learn different forms of breathing exercises.

The actress recently held a live session with a popular yoga trainer on Pranayama. This exercise helps in building lung capacity which is really very important in times such as these. Pooja in her video said, “Let’s bring upon ourselves peace, loads of love and magical powers that is to be able to cope, so let’s just bring on that energy. In these times, it is very important to pay attention to your breathing and we need to take care of ourselves.

Take a look at the Instagram live session below!

The actress also urged everyone to share the video with not just anyone suffering from Covid but also others as she said, “It’s time to bring health back to focus.” Wishing Pooja a speedy recovery with good health. It is time indeed to focus on our health as it is the most precious thing to us right now.

Stay safe, stay at home, wear a mask and take care of yourselves.