The ongoing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic can make everyone feel frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. However, everyday content creators are working so hard to brighten up our moods with their content. In April, we came across some YouTubers who unlocked great milestones for themselves. Therefore, we thought of appreciating them to lift their spirits. So, let’s check out while sitting at home, which creator content has been binged and subscribed to the most on YouTube!

Here they are:

1. Amit Bhadana

Well, what can we say about the legend of content creation, Amit Bhadana? This month, his YouTube family became 23 million strong and we are super happy and proud of him. Honestly, his channel is a remedy to our boredom and we are sure that he has some wonderful content in store for us this year!

2. Trakin Tech

All tech lovers, where you all at? The month of April surely did turn out to be great for the tech digital creator, Trakin Tech. Well, his YouTube channel crossed the 8 million subscriber mark, which was possible only because of his insightful content and #TrakinTech family support. Ngl, but he absolutely deserves this and much more.

3. Anubhav Agrawal a.k.a iwritewhatyoufeel

The truth is that every time we watch and scroll through Anubhav Agrawal’s content we simply get lost in his words. Well, the good news is that he hit the one million subscriber mark on his channel and received the Golden Play button from YouTube. Anubhav, your words hit us right at the feels so, keep writing and expressing what you feel through your channel.

4. Aashna Hegde

Aashna Hegde made headlines in April for not only crossing one but two major milestones back to back. She hit 700k subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 9ook followers on the gram’. Looks, like she is on a roll with double achievements, and all we want to tell our cutest diva is to keep creating content because we love every bit of it.

5. Arshfam

Arshfam has got some really fun content on his YouTube channel. He crossed 500k subscribers on his channel and to watch him grow makes us feel nothing but proud. We are super thrilled and wish to see him accomplish more such great milestones in the near future.

6. Shruti Sinha

It’s always a delight to watch Shruti Sinha dance, don’t you agree? We are big fans of her flexibility and sassy moves! This month she crossed 200k subscribers on her YouTube channel. So, if you are looking to watch some fun challenges and dance videos then Shruti’s channel should be your go-to.

7. Sarah Hussain a.k.a Zingy Zest

Sarah Hussain is all about food! Popularly know as #ZingyZest, she has been climbing the stairs to success with all that lip-smacking, cheesy and drool-worthy dishes. From local to global, she features all types of cuisines on her channel. This month, yet again she unlocked a major milestone and received the Silver Play button from YouTube.

There you go! These were a few creators whose unique content has been an absolute visual treat to watch. Their content also helped many of us keep our spirits high while sitting at home. Hope to see you all continue creating and achieving amazing milestones in the near future too. Also, we hope everyone reading this article is keeping well, and avoiding stepping out in these incredibly uncertain times.