Currently, it is the wave of remix and remake of old songs in the film industry! For anyone who surfs on the internet, y’all would have defo heard of the super hit blockbuster song Nadiyon Par’. This song is a rendition of ‘Let the Music Play‘, the famous classic by Shamur, the musical group that thumped the whole nation with their peppy songs. This new catchy version of the song got famous among creators not only for its beats but also because of its hook step, which is awesome! So, here are 10 creators who gave their own ‘lil twist to this trending music track. I can guarantee that their lit videos will make you wanna tap your feet and start grooving to the beats right away!

Here they are:

1. Sonal Devraj a.k.a @bhaiyajiismile

Sonal Devraj is an exceptional dancer whose Bollywood choreographies are full of energy and expressions. She is a dancing diva who sets the stage on fire with her thumkas! Sonal, giving this peppy song her own dance twist is something that I am sure everyone is dying to try out themselves.

2. Dolly Singh

If we had to describe Dolly Singh in one word it would be ‘pataka-kudi‘ for sure! She is the ultimate guru of creativity and entertainment. However, we don’t know whether we should go ‘wow‘ or ‘wowww‘ watching her dance. Tbh, we would love to see her create more dance content in the near future. Dance and Dolly is exactly the kind of fusion we enjoy watching!

3. Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey

‘Nadiyon Par’ is one of my fave music tracks and now after watching Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud dance on this trending song, I cannot resist grooving to the beats. Moreover, what can we say about their acting skills? Their expressive twist made this Reel super sae bhi upar!

4. Svetana Kanwar

Svetana, #BossBabe really killed it with her sassy moves and expressions. We absolutely love how she gives her original twist to all her choreographies. Svetana, your movements are super strong and defined and we would love to try this choreography!

5. Sonali Bhadauria

Damn, Sonali is totally slaying it in this dance cover with her killer OG moves! Ngl, but even without the hook-step I totally got lost in her expressions and stunning dance routine. Her dance is so much fun to watch and try as well.

6. Nidhi Kumar

Well, who doesn’t know NidhiKumarDance? One of the most talented and phenomenal dancers whose moves are fun as well as easy to follow. Her fiery and energy-packed performance on this superb track is something that stole our hearts completely! Not going to lie but we also love how creative she can get with her moves.

7. Ravi Bala Sharma

Ravi Bala Sharma proves that age is just a number! The way she dances so gracefully on the ‘Nadiyon Par‘ song is simply mind-blowing. The fact that she adds her classical touch at the end of this Reel is what makes her stand out from the others. She is defo giving us some major inspo right now, isn’t it?

9. Jikaria Sisters

These sisters are nothing less than ‘toofan express‘! The way they bring Indian twist in all their dance covers is simply FAB. Their transition twist in this Reel is awesome and we loved it.

10. Tanya Joshi

A creator who is winning the hearts of her fans with her unique makeup content. Tanya’s makeover transition is on the beat that we absolutely love to watch her Reels on loop! Using this song to show her makeup skills is quite ‘hatke‘.

As soon as this song hits our ears, I am sure everyone’s jhatkas and thumkas start no matter where you are, isn’t it? These creators Reels really had that X factor, something unique that got us grooving. Out of our list which ‘Nadiyon ParReel blew your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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