Kartik Aryan's post (Source: Instagram | @kartikaaryan)
Kartik Aryan’s post (Source: Instagram | @kartikaaryan)

Bollywood actor, Kartik Aaryan who recently tested negative for Coronavirus, is surely making heads turn as he steps out of his brand new luxurious black beast. Pictures of this chocolate boy go viral as he unveils his brand new Lamborghini Urus. The actor looked super pumped at a car showroom flaunting his new hot wheels. He surely is very happy after being tested negative and has fully recovered from the virus.

Kartik shared a funny video on Instagram where he unveiled the car. While posing with his brand new car, the showroom organized for party poppers with balloons and as soon as the poppers exploded, the actor was startled. Kartik captioned the video saying, “Kharid li…par main shayad mehengi cheezon ke liye bana nahi hoon.” This caption got all his friends and fans excited and they just couldn’t stop talking about it. Kartik and his new big toy is the talk of the day and why shouldn’t it be? The actor totally deserves it.

Check out the video below!

Personally, I was super impressed with Kartik’s choice and surely, he is going to rock the streets of Mumbai in his sporty and luxurious Lamborghini SUV.