Aadil Khan (Source: Instagram| @ aadilkhanitis)
Aadil Khan (Source: Instagram| @ aadilkhanitis)

When was the last time you promised yourself that you will start working out from tomorrow? In my case, I don’t have a track of how many times I said that to myself, but of late I’ve been making some progress. Sticking to fitness goals is difficult and we often tend to give up halfway. But again, it’s not impossible. Special Ops 1.5 actor, Aadil Khan underwent a major body transformation in just 4 months! Can you believe it? I have massive respect for him because I know that kind of dedication requires loads of motivation.

The actor who made his big-screen debut in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s romantic drama movie Shikara, took to his social media to share a before and after picture of his fitness transformation, and the post stirred a buzz amongst his fans because that physical change was truly praiseworthy. Along with the photo, the actor shared a very inspiring message on the highs and lows of his fitness journey. The pandemic had taken a toll on his mental health but eventually, he managed to push himself out of that phase and focused all his energy on his transforming himself and giving a complete 180-degree turn to his physical and mental health. Aadil also shared that his father, Zafar Ullah Khan played a major role in keeping him motivated throughout his journey.

Speaking of his body transformation, the actor shares-

In my profession, I am my own tool.. which means I need to be physically and mentally fit. Also it means that I can’t let my dreams die. I can’t give up, and I have to keep the grip strong. The whole year was a write-off and then gradually things started opening up… I am proud of myself, that I could hit back.. I am in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally.

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Such an inspiring and motivating story, don’t you think? Like I said, sticking to fitness goals is not easy but it’s not impossible too. Hard work and determination always bear the best fruits and all you got to do is just get started and stop waiting for the right time because the time is going to be right only when you decide to get going. Aadil Khan will next be seen in Special Ops 1.5 and I’m looking forward to seeing him in it.