Well, we are surrounded by a lot of information on social media, which might not always impact everyone positively. But, what if we said that there is one news desk that will not only update you with social media trends but will also inform you about everything related to creators and influencers. Surprised? Don’t be, simply head to MissMalini Trending! With over 80k followers on Instagram in almost 1 and a half years, MissMalini Trending has been achieving some amazing milestones, don’t you agree?  Our community has grown through thick and thin and we’ve always worked together and helped each other no matter what. If you still aren’t convinced then here are 8 reasons why MissMalini Trending should be your one-stop destination for all social media and creator news.

Here are they:

1. Keep you all updated socially

We as a news desk platform always try to keep our audience informed and updated with everything that’s happening around us. Whether it’s related to creators like milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries or deets about trends that are viral and new features of different social media platforms. Keeping the current situation in mind we don’t want to overwhelm our audience, therefore we are being quite sensitive with our posts and hope that everyone is staying indoors and working on their well-being.

Instagram Reels have gained so much popularity that everyone posts at least one Reel every day. If you are struggling to keep yourself updated with all social media viral trends then MissMalini Trending has got you covered. Every week we put up 2 to 3 #ViralTrend that have been trending that week. These trends are quirky, fun and challenging at times. Creators put a lot of effort to make these trending Reels. We describe these trends in our caption so that you all can try them out yourself. Here’s a perfect example of the Runway Aurora trend that spread like wildfire on the internet. So don’t forget to check out this week’s #ViralTrend.

3. Celebrate influencer achievements and birthdays

Celebrating achievements and appreciating talent is so important. It makes the creator feel special, motivated, and confident! Moreover, it makes them feel like their content is consumed and liked by all. It doesn’t matter how small or big the achievement is, what matters is the growth. Also, we try to add a personal message for each and every creator to make them feel special.

Also, our birthday Reels are something really hatke! Here’s a glimpse of our birthday wishes,

4. Explore small creators on #NextBigThing

There are thousands of creators who go unnoticed but are doing extremely well for themselves. Just ‘cuz they are not big does not mean that their content is not good enough. At Missmalini Trending every Wednesday’s we choose one creator who can be featured on #NBT. It is also one of the ways to reach the untapped section of the creator industry. These creators have great potential and are putting their 100% to get noticed each day.

5. Fun trivia’s on creators and social media

Want to know some fun, quirky facts about your fave creator? Well, we at MissMalini Trending every Tuesday upload a super interesting, and unknown fact about different creators as well as facts about social media. Personally, when we got to know Kusha Kapila and Akshar Pathak went to the same college we were taken by surprise for a few seconds. If you’re interested to know your fave creator a little more then keep an eye every Tuesday on our feed.

6. Virtual hangout with creators on Show&Tell and Influencer Jam

We also have fun virtual hangout sessions and conversations with influencers and creators which have fun game segments as well.  You have to check out the Show&Tell series on our page where Karishma aka soulkari has a candid conversation with different creators and asks them to reveal that one object that has been a major part of their life. Isn’t that super cool? The other series that you much check out is the Influencer Jam is where Karishma jams with creators by asking them questions about their journey and also, plays fun games with them.

7. Unseen Pictures

This is the much-awaited and most exciting reason to check out MissMalini Trending. Imagine, if you were given a chance to see an exclusive picture of your fave creator. We are sure you would start jumping with joy! We recently posted exclusive pictures of creators and all their fans went crazy happy. So, if you are a fan of DamnFam, Team07, TeenTigada, Ashish Chanchlani and many more such creators then stay tuned as we are soon coming up with another round of unseen exclusive pictures super soon exclusively on the Girl Tribe App by MissMalini.

8.  Exciting and Engaging live sessions

Who doesn’t enjoy live sessions? We love engaging and chatting with the creators to know more about them! These live sessions are quite informative tbh, ‘cuz they reveal quite a few insights about creators and we love it. Also, our lives have some super fun game segments, that are awesome. So next time we go live, you all should defo tune in!

Well, we hope we have given you all enough reasons to follow us now. Ngl, there are more interesting things planned out so stay tuned while staying home. There’s so much content for you all to watch at home so keep binging to these entertaining videos and avoid stepping out.