It is known that India has been facing the most intense second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few days. The numbers are massive and given the severe shortage of beds, oxygen and medicines, people are turning to social media to seek help and support.

While it is absolutely gratifying to see our entire population come together and stand united as a nation amidst this crisis, some news just pulls us down. News is being circulated that there are some notorious elements amidst us who are selling fake medication to the ones in dire need. Addressing this grave issue, Farhan Akhtar recently took to his social media, even calling those people engaging in such activities ‘monsters’.

Tweeting about it, Farhan wrote:

Seen a news report of people manufacturing & selling fake Covid medication. You have to be a special kind of monster to con people in these dark & desperate times. Shame on you, whoever you are!!!

Here is his tweet:

It is true that this is just absolutely monstrous behaviour and needs to stop. Here’s hoping the ones in need of medication never fall into such situations ever. Farhan has also been tweeting about the ongoing crisis in the country on his social media.

Also, here’s a gentle reminder to stay home, stay safe and always wear your masks when you have to step outside.