If you’re a living breathing human then you definitely experience highs and lows with your mood. Everyone feels moody. These days all I want to do is hide under my duvet, that’s a mood, right? Well, understanding the moods you’re experiencing will help you navigate and manage them faster and better. The best part is most of us are self-aware enough to know when we are experiencing a mood. Moods are an emotional response to things in our lives which means they usually have triggers, like an experience or event. Most moods will pass within a day. And, even in a flat mood, you’ll most likely be able to continue with your daily activities. But, there are a few surprising things that can affect your mood too. Scroll on for more.

Here are a few things that will affect your mood without realising:

1) How much sleep you get

Your quality of sleep can really define the mood you might have for the rest of the day. What you need to do to have sound sleep is get yourself blackout curtains because light pollution is real and will wake you up. Lack of sleep can lead to poor focus and can cause depression. Make sure you turn out all-night lights, cover up your digital clocks or and LED appliances. Avoid leaving the TV on while you sleep or try sleeping with an eye mask to get the best and most restful sleep.

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2) What you eat

Your diet can have a huge impact on your mood. It is best to have a balanced meal that will include healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein, rather than something sweet or refined. Eating well and living healthy is great for long term wellness benefits. Deprivation and a restricted diet can make you hangry and moody. So the key is to enjoy everything in moderation and strive for balance.

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3) The weather

We feel a little down when the weather is gloomy. We’re moody and want to stay in bed all day. You can chalk that up to the weather. When it’s nice and sunny out people are happier and they want to sit in a park and enjoy the weather. Although I will say that I get quite cranky in too much sun, the reason being I don’t enjoy being sweaty. Otherwise, who doesn’t love the sun?

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4) Social media

While social media can cheer you up, make you feel less alone and boost friendships. It can have the opposite effect as well. It is a double-edge sword. I’ll start by telling you the reason I like social media: some days I just need a good laugh and some joy from pet videos. And the other day I want to share moments from my life with my friends. This is exactly why the internet envelops us creating a rift in our relationships and builds in our minds a mirage of what life should look like. A lot of people on the internet covet what another has and that can create a lack of self-esteem. So be clear about the intent with which you use the internet and don’t let it pull you into a black hole.

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5) Unorganised thoughts

As humans, we all experience inner chatter. The mind is always in conversation giving one signals and telling one how to behave and react. This means that the mind is never truly quiet. It can be quite tiresome. And this is when your thoughts are organized. Imagine when your mind is in upheaval and the thoughts come at you in an unorganized manner. You’re bound to be in a terrible mood.

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6) How much you move in a day

Exercising can put you in a good mood thanks to those endorphins. But on the flip side, if you don’t give your body enough time to recover and repair, it will cause muscle tension. This will quickly put you in a terrible mood. Hydrate, load up on fruits and protein and you’ll be back to full strength in no time.

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7) Clutter

When my space is clean and clear I am able to focus better. I am most energized by the space I live in; I am motivated by décor and light and organised clutter. But the minute I can’t find something I’m looking for, frustration builds up. My productivity drops because I am exhausted from the searching. I end up with wasted time and then I am annoyed at why I didn’t organise better. So, needless to say, clutter can create a drop in happiness and leave you with a negative mood.

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8) Stress

Most people will experience stress from their work, their bills and other responsibilities in life. In general, if you are happy at your workplace, you’re more productive and efficient. You’re mostly in a great mood when the environment is conducive to your growth and life, amirite? Money is the root of all evil if you don’t have enough and you can’t make your bills or take care of your family. You’re going to be in a bad mood. But stress is a killjoy; the fact is that our bodies produce cortisol that leads to anxiety and irritability. Just take a break when you feel stressed, take a walk, listen to music, watch your favourite show, eat your favourite foods. This will help steady your mood.

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9) Negative people

Have you noticed how easy it is to absorb another person’s mood? If someone is acting unusually angry, cranky or irritable you too might pick up that mood. You might know people who constantly complain about their lives, this can be especially draining if you’re trying to be a good friend to them. You could in this situation change the topic or steer the conversation towards more positive conversations. And if you don’t know the person who constantly puts a damper on your mood, you could just remove yourself from the equation.

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10) Posture

Now that we’re all stuck at home mostly working on our beds, there’s no question that we’re suffering from bad posture. For the most part, my mood is affected by the aches and pains caused by sloughing over on my laptop. Make sure you get up every hour and stretch to keep your body and mind in better shape. Your posture and stance can also convey your confidence levels, which is why they always say stand tall. You reveal a lot about yourself from your body language and posture.

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Of course, it is hard to always be in a good and positive mood, but it is worth putting in the effort to recognize the factors that can be negative triggers. This way you have the upper hand and can actively avoid those triggers.

What are some things that affect your mood? Let us know in the comments below

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