7 Stunning Ways To Rock Blue Eyeshadow This Season

Kanak Devnani , 05 May 2021
Blue Eyeshadow Looks (Source: Instagram | @patrickta , @makeupvincent)
Blue Eyeshadow Looks (Source: Instagram | @patrickta , @makeupvincent)

Whether you’re a fan of the colour or stick to your neutral shades I’m here to tell you that it’s time to pull out the blue eyeshadow you’ve buried in your makeup drawer. Out of all the colours you might have sworn off, it’s blue’s time to shine this summer. Why you ask. Well, it’s one shade that surprisingly looks universally great on everyone and even more so with those of us with deep brown eyes. No longer stuck in the ‘80s and ‘90s or reserved for theme parties, Blue eye looks is where it’s at! Of course, eye looks, in general, are getting a lot of attention because it’s the only thing you can really see above the mask but blue hues are the best, quick and modern way to achieve an edgy, unexpected look. 

Still not sold? Think about it this way, blue is more forgiving than basic black and a great way to brighten up the eyes compared to dull browns. Plus depending on how bold or conservative you are with your makeup you can go more subtle or loud in an eclectic array of colours ranging from baby blues to teals and navy. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of upping your eye makeup game the options for experimentation is endless. Ready to dip your toe into the trend but need some inspiration? Well, I’ve got you covered with just a scroll ahead. From soft flushes of pigment to shimmery finishes blue eye shadow is the move to make.

Keep scrolling for our favourite ways to wear blue eyeshadow this summer:

1. Intergalactic Eyelids

Ready to explore the galaxy of blues? You have to try this stunning eye look whether you’re stepping out or just chilling with your besties on zoom. With a little bit of the sixties twist, don’t forget to subtly line the bottom lash line and apply tons of mascara for a doll eye effect.

2. Soft Navy Wings

How soft and pretty is this powdery blue look. While the periwinkle blue shadow leans a touch purple the soft blue cat-eye steals the show. Delicate and easy to do all you need is to keep the shadow colour consistent and use a navy pencil or powder shadow as your liner. Gently build and blend the liner and clean up the edges for a softer effect.

3. Two-Toned 

Two blues are always better than one right? Especially with this stunning pairing of vibrant blues that come together for a memorable moment. If you’re using cream or gel products make sure to use an eye primer first to ensure the product stays throughout the day. Alternatively, you can just wet your brush with setting spray and dip into the two powder eyeshadows you want to use. 

4. Glossy Sapphire

How gorgeous is this glossy blue moment? The focus here is on both lash lines and the crease. You want to use complementary shades of electric blues and top off the look with a glossy or cream product for the final sheen. Don’t forget a pair of wispy lashes for a more romantic look.

5. Sky Blue

Pack a punch with this sky blue shade but keep things understated by using this single colour all over the lids. Just remember to prime your eyes before applying the shadow so you get the most vibrancy out of the shadow.

6. Soft & Warm 

Looking for something a tad bit more subtle? Try blending in a soft brown shade right below the brows. Use a less vibrant shade of blue that flattering to your skin tone on your lids. Paired together they’ll give a warmer finish rather than just the stark cool of the blue.

7. Exaggerated Teal Wing

We love a great bold wing look, but it looks even better in this gorgeous teal colour.

Which one of these blue eyeshadow looks are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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