8 Viral Cat & Dog Reel Audios By Lorena Pages That Are Perfect For Your Pet Videos

Alice Peter , 06 May 2021
Lorena Pages, Still From Her Reel (Source: Instagram: @lorenapages)
Lorena Pages, Still From Her Reel (Source: Instagram: @lorenapages)

It’s almost going to be a year since Instagram launched its Reels feature. And let’s be honest all of us absolutely love it. On an everyday basis, we inevitably go down the videos rabbit hole, scrolling for hours if not minutes. And if you have been keeping a tab on the Reels trends, you are of course aware of the famous, “Love it, couldn’t wear it” one! But did you know the voice behind the famous Reel audio is Lorena Pages? Her account is full of creative, hilarious content, which features not only her but also her pet cat, an animated roach and few items from the house. A few minutes into watching her content and you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from to create those cute pet videos. For those looking at options right away, we have a few pretty hilarious and adorable ones just for you.

Check ’em out!

1. The one that got famous!

We just had to start with this one. This Reel was literally the inspiration for a number of videos featuring both pets and humans. We’ve seen content creators, actors, cute lil’ doggos, and cats make Reels with this audio during the lockdown. But one collaboration that made everyone in the world take notice of this trend was the one starring Priyanka Chopra x Tikka The Iggy. We also, absolutely love how Lorena has tweaked the trending audio in this video and made it even funnier.

2. “When You Double The Bows, You Double The Power”

So this is the first kitty audio made by Lorena which received so much love worldwide, that Lorena had to create the “Love it, couldn’t wear it” one. Don’t you just love backstories and interesting trivia about creators and their videos?

3. The super relatable #TooMuch trend

During the lockdown, all of us may have had these thoughts in our mind. But Lorena here literally said it out loud. This content creator made it into quite a cute and hilarious Reelwhich also became a trend. And might we add, LOVEEE IT!

P.S: At this point, if you read LOVEEE IT in Lorena’s voice, yeahhh you are a fan of hers too just like us.

4. Kittenccino, please!

If you love Starbucks and kittens, this is the Reel for you. We may have watched this one so many times and have hit like dozens of times more and still cannot stop watching this. On bad days, this Reel can bring a smile to your face.

5. The Cats v/s Dogs relatable Reel

If you have ever owned a cat and/or a dog, you can relate to this Reel on a whole new level. Cats as adorable they are, their ways of saying, “Hey, I love you” or “Hey, I am so happy you are here”, may not be quite expressive. But in the case of dogs, they’ll make sure their excitement and love are felt. Either way, both these pets are super cute and we are sure they love you back!

6. “Mommm, stop!”

OMG, this is literally every person who owns a pet. Capturing those adorable lil‘ moments that these cute-sters do can be challenging too. If you don’t record the right moment at the right time, it’s gone… *pufff* But honestly, we’d love to see all the pet owners try this one!

7. Snow, you are not so loved!

For those animals and people who do not like snow, this is the Reel for you. Also, if you really have to create a video around this, you may have to wait for snow time to come again. But on the bright side, you have a lot of time to prepare for this one.

8. No Petting

If your pet could understand and use technology and were on Instagram, they would totally do this trend… ‘cause you know relatability factor is max! As hoomans, we see a cute lil‘ animal and all we wanna do is pet it. It’s true! But did you ever think of the fact that maybe your pet may not like the ‘petting’? #HappyRealization

So, these were some of the trending, hilarious and amazing Reels by Lorena that made everyone’s mood better. And of course, we did see a whole lot of people try them too. In case you haven’t and are quite keen on jumping the pet video bandwagon on Instagram, these Reels are just perfect for you. Do you have a favourite from this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

On a side note, we know these times are uncertain and can be tough, but we hope this article brought a smile to your face. And we truly wish that better times arrive soon, until then, stay home and safe.

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