When Instagram rolled out their “saved” feature, I was over the top! I could finally stop overloading my iPhone’s gallery with what can I call a gazillion screenshots of things I like. From quotes to dresses to books to hacks to accessories, anything and everything. I’m sure that was true for you too. Now I am also quite particular about how I save my posts, hint: organised AF. That’s right, I have a folder for all kinds of posts and one of them has been flooding with additions for a while now. From the title of the blog, you’ve already guessed what I’m talking about. Accessories. So I decided, I want to share them with everyone. It was quite hard to filter out the best of them instead of listing down all of them but that would’ve taken an eternity and you’d get bored midway. Which is why I’ve compiled the 8 best accessory posts in my saved folder that are going to make you tap those credit/debit card numbers onto your phones one too many times! Ready? Go!

8 accessory posts in my saved folder I can’t get enough of:

One can never have too many pearls or diamonds, even in their hair!

Imagine wearing these layered necklaces on a half-buttoned white shirt with mommy jeans and a pair of sneakers. One wouldn’t know exactly what the best part of the outfit is, the accessories or the wardrobe basics.

Would definitely like to rephrase the popular belief, “Diamonds AND pearls are a girl’s best friends!”. Wearing one of these pearly pieces is a surefire way of transporting yourself to a tropical destination in your mind.

OK, tell me I’m not the only one who relies on quirky gold jewellery for her best and worst days! I can’t think of a single outfit these hand charmers wouldn’t look effin’ great on.

Crystal jewellery has an unexplainable and an undeniable charm. I can’t decode it so I virtually crush on some of that crystal goodness! How cute are these encrusted rings, though? They could be your everyday buddies!

Can never ever get enough of tassels for some fun, especially on dull days! PS. they add such a cutesy element to your look. Case in point: these charm bracelets adorned with bright tassels.

Like its buddy gold, silver jewellery is so versatile and chic that it deserves an entire post for itself. But for now, let’s collectively crush on this statement charm bracelet which will compel a lot of people to want to hold your hand and admire it. Add just this accessory as a finishing touch to any look and you’ll increase the glam quotient by a good amount with barely any effort!

Body jewellery is damn cool, OK? Now I wouldn’t wear those sunglasses unless I was going to a very fancy party attended by fashion-forward peeps but boy would I love to have that in my collection!

Hoops, hoops and more hoops and not one of them will ever disappoint you! No matter what the shape or the size is.

Which one do you like the most? Tell me in the comments below.

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