If you’re anything like me you’ve probably scrolled endlessly through Instagram bookmarking every stunning makeup look you come across to replicate later. Only to end up collecting dust in your folder because it seems too tough to recreate it yourself. Over the past year, we’ve seen tons of gorgeous looks come out and people flexing their creative makeup skills. While I personally love playing with makeup I can totally understand the itch to try new things but how daunting it can feel to execute these stunning looks. It’s true that perfecting the art of makeup takes time and getting creative takes even more so. But there really is no need to be intimidated, it’s all about taking one small step after the other. Plus, anything worth learning does take a little practice! All you got to do is pick up that brush. I’ve scoured Instagram and rounded up some bold eye makeup ideas that are surprisingly simple and fun to easily recreate yourself. So it’s time to gather your palette, other tools and onwards we go. You’ve got no excuse to at least try!

Keep scrolling to discover easy bold eye makeup looks that even a newbie can do:

1.White graphic liner

Graphic liners and eye looks are all the rage these days but if you can’t be bothered with blending several eyeshadows together you can’t get any simpler than this. You literally just have to keep your lids bare or understated at the least and just apply a straight white line above the crease. Super minimal but very chic with maximum impact.

2. Scattered Glitter

If you have a weakness for sparkles this bold look is totally for you. It gives all the shimmer and glitter without much of a fuss. All you really need is some shimmer or glitter products in a gel or balm-like finish and a few stick-on decals. Put a light wash of shimmer over the lids and start sticking on those cute decals. Want to keep it tasteful? Keep it neat by sticking to the lid area and mindful of the placement for a stunning final effect.

3. Multi-coloured liner

Sometimes there are so many wonderful colours to play with you can’t just stick to one. Find two colours that go well together whether they’re pastels or more vibrant shades and go wild. Plus you can totally do this with just a colourful eyeshadow palette. Just remember to spritz your brush with setting spray before dipping into the shade and tackle one colour at a time.

4. Embellished cut crease

Cut crease looks can seem very intimidating at first and the added embellishments may seem difficult but this take on the trend is much easier! Paint your lids with a vibrant shade of your choice but stop at the crease. Don’t worry if it gets a tad messy just clean up with a cotton bud and micellar water. Then just add some cute embellishments right above following the rounded crease shape. Finish of with tons of mascara and ta-dah you’re Insta ready in no time!

5. Abstract two-toned

No need to overthink this one too much! Pick two neon eyeshadow shades, one lighter and one deeper. Use the lighter shade only for the inner corner of your eyes. Whereas you can blend the deeper shade just above the outer part of the crease. Voila, you’ve got yourself a fun and fabulous attention grabbing abstract look in a jiffy.

6. Speckled spots

How fun is this? Literally, all you have to do is draw circles and dot your eyes with your favourite colour. It’s more so about the placement here. So start off with a few large circles then draw them smaller and smaller until your actually just dotting your eyes. Finish off with tons of mascara and your eyes will really pop!

7. Half and half

Feeling indecisive and can’t commit just to one colour? Well, embrace that by picking two shades and using one either eye. Just keep the finish of the shadows and shape consistent so it’s not too distracting.

Which one of these bold eye makeup looks are you most excited to try first? Let me know in the comments below.

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