The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit India hard. The effects of this second wave are  wringing our nation dry for food, water, medical aid, oxygen and even hope. While medical and frontline workers are going above and beyond to help, we need to step up as well. We can and should donate and support fundraisers and organisations that are helping India fight COVID-19 by ensuring aid in all forms, be it medical or humanitarian. Here are some incredible and verified platforms you can donate to.

8 COVID-19 Relief Funds You Should Donate To

1. Mission Oxygen

Started by Dehli-NCR based entrepreneurs, Mission Oxygen is working towards importing oxygen concentrators and donating them to hospitals in need. As of May 7th, they were able to import nearly 6000 oxygen concentrators and support over 160 hospitals and medical institutions, and with our help these numbers will positively increase.

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2. Hemkunt Foundation

The Hemkunt Foundation is an NGO that is importing oxygen cylinders and using them to help COVID-19 patients till they are able to get admitted into a hospital or medical facility. They’ve even opened a 24/7 oxygen centre in Haryana to help COVID-19 patients! So far they have provided over 1,50,000 litres of oxygen to those in need and saved many lives.

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3. Rahat-Covid by Goonj

Rahat-Covid by Goonj is a fundraiser that is working towards providing rations, food, hygiene and sanitation material and other essentials to migrant workers and daily wage workers who have been hit hard by this pandemic and are struggling to access these essentials.

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4. Save the Children

While online schooling is annoying, we must remember at least we have the privilege to be able to learn from home. Children living in slums, shanties and on the streets don’t have it easy and it’s not just education but basic healthcare and essentials they have had to give up during COVID-19. Save The Children works towards providing underprivileged children with food, education, healthcare and even counseling.

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5. SEWA Bharat

SEWA Bharat is providing food, medical aid, hygiene essentials and other relief to help marginalised women and their families overcome these terrible times. The female workforce has been hit hard in this pandemic and supporting them has never been more important.

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6. #InThisTogether

Started by Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, #InThisTogether is a crowdfunding initiative that will donate the raised funds to ACT Grants to help provide oxygen concentrators and oxygen plants to hospitals in need. It also aims to amplify India’s vaccination efforts.

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7. Food For Faith

Food For Faith is a platform that provides free, safe and healthy meals to COVID-19 affected communities by partnering with various local restaurants and kitchens. Their aim is to help as many communities as they can over the next few months and we all should donate.

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8. Oxygen For All

A notable fundraiser to donate to is Oxygen For All which aims to raise Rs. 1,00,00,000 to provide 150 oxygen concentrators to those in need of them. Started by a group of professionals and medical practitioners from academic institutions and supported by Swasti, this initiative is extremely noble and trusted.

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Oxygen For All | Source: Facebook (@Oxygenerators)

India is fighting a hard battle and it isn’t ending anytime soon. We hope that we all do our part and try to help our country in any way we can. If you know of other platforms that we can donate to, please share them in the comments below.