Social media has made it possible for everyone to show their unique talent as well as the content side of creation. Many people have started talking about saving the environment and how global warming affects our country’s climate. Global warming is a serious issue therefore saving our Earth is the need of the hour. Looking at the current situation, there’s a lot of medical waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly as well. Talking about the pandemic, I hope you and your family members are doing well and are safe during these tough times time and are reading this article while sitting at home. Well, one such influencer and climate change activist that we’d love to talk about is Aakash Ranison. Scroll down to know more about him and his content.

Who is Aakash Ranison?

Aakash is a well-known climate change activist as well as a sustainability influencer, he strongly believes in spreading awareness about the environment through his content and travelling experiences. Speaking of his name, Aakash’s former name was Aakash Mishra. Well, why did he change his name then? That’s a long story but it’s an interesting one too. So, one day, he was travelling from Chennai to Banglore, which is where he discovered his new name. Firstly, Aakash in Hindi means ‘the sky is open’ so he was quite satisfied with his first name. Then, he thought of his second name which was originally Mishra, inherited from his dad’s family just like any other Indian household. A surname usually gives an identity to a person’s religion. However, Aakash doesn’t believe in religion as he feels it divides society. Also, he knew that his mom always supported and motivated him in his journey, which is why he gave up his dad’s surname and took up his mom’s name. People in his town called him ‘Rani Ka Beta’, therefore the name Ranison ‘cuz he wanted his surname to look a little cool while being his own.

His journey of becoming an activist

At the age of 15, Aakash began his journey of spreading awareness by starting an NGO, which was focused on important matters such as education and the environment. Currently, he is one of the most impactful activists and influencers of our generation. The only 2 things that keep him motivated and going is his wanderlust to explore boundaries and his desire to work for climate change. He is a keen traveller as well, during his travel journeys he realized the damages affecting climate change and the value of travelling responsibly. That’s the reason why Aakash keeps his carbon footprint low by choosing ways to create less pollution. He opts for public transport whenever required and also avoids using single-use plastic products. The environment includes animals and other living creatures as well and to safeguard their interest Aakash became vegan 4 years back. I personally feel he is an inspiration to many out there.

His contribution to climate change

As a climate activist, Aakash has initiated and worked on many sustainability projects in different parts of India. The topics covered under such programs are related to pollution control, climate change, species extensions, and much more. He started his own passion project called #sustainability, which focused on making people aware of the global raising temperature and living in harmony with nature. Aakash has also contributed to the environment by implementing his three art installations. He made the first installation in the year 2017 in Spiti Valley, the second in the year 2019 and it was the world’s first-ever Marine Cemetery. His recent art installation is called SUP (single-use plastic) DeathBed. The best part is that as recently as 2 weeks back on Earth Day, he launched his own E-book called ‘Climate Change Explained for one and all’, which guides people towards sustainable living in the 21st century. How cool right?

Well, I too have realized how important it is to save our environment ‘cuz it’s no joke. I read this somewhere that we as humans can live only because of the environment around us. So, let’s not take that for granted and do our bit. Also, we urge you all to not step out. Currently, that’s the biggest contribution you could make.