Come Monday and all we crave for is the weekend to get here already. Isn’t that just a whole vibe, feel, an emotion that almost everyone finds so relatable? A few really creative users on social media have translated this ‘Monday mood‘ into memes. These memes are so relatable and hilarious that I bet you can’t go through this article without giving me a virtual hi-five, laughing, smiling and/or saving the meme to share it with your folks. So, what are you waiting for, check them out!

Scroll away…

1. This feeling!

When you start working on a Monday, the time seems to be going unusually slowly on this particular day. The day just feels like a never-ending one, right?

2. Doggos feeling the Monday blues too

This Corgi is one motivating fella! Whatever be the Monday scene, I might keep going on just because this cute-ster has sent me some massive motivation vibe via this meme. What about you all?

3. The Uninvited

This meme is just a whole lot of emotions put together in two lines. But have you read the caption of this post? For mums out there, who are feeling the Monday a lot more than all of us… I feel for you!

4. Justin Bieber’s song re-written, Monday meme edition

Ouch! This one is a little harsh. There, there Monday.
*Please insert some uplifting words here for dear Monday*

5. He said nope!

Yeah, Bobby, I know right! But this post is so cute that I truly feel like I am having ‘woofderful‘ day now. Thank you, Bobby, you are an aww-dorable Monday motivator!

6. Amen sister

Universe, if you are reading this post or just hearing us read this article even if it’s in our minds, I hope you pay heed and take the last line quite seriously. Thanking you in advance.

7. Sundays like these

When you spend an entire Sunday sleeping instead of doing fun stuff and then in no time it’s Monday. Ugh, It’s almost like that particular Sunday and Monday became like Siamese twins.

8. The rare species

There is a rare category of people in the world who actually like Mondays. I have at least one person that I know who I can tag in the comments section of this meme post ’cause she actually looks forward to Mondays. Do you?

9. That Monday face

Keeping in mind the current scenario, this would be my Monday morning Zoom call face. Physically present, mentally still reliving the Sunday that I did not want to say goodbye to. Special mention to the star cat, Tubbs who has captured the very emotion so well in this pic. 😀

10. This is all of us

If Monday ever called me, it would definitely be on my blocked contact list. Sorry but not sorry!

Also, just leaving another cute Corgi-Monday-Feels post here, ’cause he is so literally so cute. Also, that caption really cracked me up!

So, these were a few memes out of the pool of Monday memes that were just absolute feels. Some were so cute and some were so hilarious, but all of them were totally relatable. Don’t you agree? You can share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, I truly hope these memes helped brighten your mood. Don’t forget to stay home during these unprecedented times, stay safe, and double mask up.