When I need a quick escape from reality, I look to random rabbit holes of Instagram to help me out. So sometimes I find myself deep in the sea of motivational reels, sometimes memes that keep me laughing for hours on end and sometimes, and my most favourite—cake decoration. The works of art that some of these bakers create with their hands serve as free therapy for me! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and cakes are my ultimate weak point. Naturally, my following list on Instagram includes cake artists who quite literally weave magic with all the cakes they bake.

Ahead, I’m listing out 5 cake artists you need to follow RN:

1. Tortik Annuchka

Tortik Annuchka mostly makes tall, tiered cakes in varying shapes, sizes, textures and designs. By shapes, I mean, give him, Rustom Kungurov, the cake artist, any shape in the world and he’ll perfect it to the T. It’s unbelievable, his precision, eye for detail and design sensibilities, they’re supreme! You would not want to eat any of his cakes, just admire them for as long as you can!

2. The Homemade Factory

The Homemade Factory makes bespoke vegetarian cakes that spell happiness! If you’re looking for cheesy, playful and cakes that are made in shapes resembling Indian sweets and La Casa De Papel, alike, don’t forget to check these out!

3. Sugarworks Co.

If you’re fond of cakes that have a very classy and elegant vibe to them, the works of art by Sugarworks Co. will capture your heart! From mouthwatering, strawberry glazed cakes to marble-themed ones, you won’t be able to pick just a single favourite!

4. Simply Relish

Yes, they bake cakes but Simply Relish also weaves stories through their creations. Describe to this talented mother-daughter-duo a scenario or a place you have in mind and they’ll work their magic to personify your vision to perfection. So whether that’s you thinking of a living room or a Phoenix, a crab, a masseuse at her job or just about anything, Simply Relish will not disappoint you with their offerings, I promise!

5. Ennah’s Cakes

The level of intricacy and precision that cake artist Ennah puts into her creations is to die for. The art she creates with frosting in all sorts of delicious colours will make you want to gobble them all at once.

Do you know of any more cake artists we should know about? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

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