We all have that one best friend who we absolutely cannot imagine living without. Currently, in these uncertain times, they have been our support system and someone we can always rely upon. Surely most of us have that one friend in our lives who we consider our BFF. Just like that, popular creators Aashna Shroff and Riya Jain are each other’s besties. They are often creating content together and having each other’s back on social media. In these uncertain times, all of us wish to spend more time with our close friends but sadly many of us cannot ‘cuz we must stay home and stay safe. So, here are 5 posts that’ll not only prove that Riya and Aashna are BFF goals but will also virtually help you reminisce all the good times you had with your bestie.

Check them out!

This or That was one trend that got super popular on social media. I saw so many creators jump on this trend but this video was one of my favourites. I absolutely love it when two best friends try out super fun viral trends together and Aashna and Riya did just that, with their own lil’ Christmassy twist.

2. Being glam together

Dressing up and being glam with your best friend is the best thing ever, right? I absolutely love this Reel of theirs ‘cuz they look so classy and savage together. Also, they remembered to wear their masks while stepping out and that’s something all of us must do.

(Please note – This video is old and we do not encourage anyone to step out of their house in these uncertain times)

3. Their birthday posts for one another is nothing but adorable

How adorable is this post? Aashna and Riya share the cutest birthday posts for one another and it always reminds me of my best friend. It’s amazing how they root for each other every time and never fail to show everyone how pure their friendship is.

4. Creating awesome content together in the lockdown

BFFs who create content together, stay together! Even during the lockdown while they couldn’t meet each other physically, these girls managed to collab virtually. I absolutely enjoy watching them do viral challenges together, do you?

5. Swoon-worthy appreciation posts

Did you know that Aashna and Riya have known each other for 18 years? Their story literally made me wanna call up my best friend and appreciate her presence in my life. Riya’s caption for Aashna is so adorable and I love how they appreciate each other so much.

These posts prove that Aashna and Riya are nothing but BFF goals. Their pure friendship and love for each other really make me realise how much importance your best friend holds in your life. Do you have a best friend too? I would love to know about him/her in the comments below.

Also, everyone reading this article, I hope you are staying home and staying safe. I know times are challenging but we shall overcome this together by being responsible citizens.