Today, we have so many bright and leading female creators and entrepreneurs who are doing things out of the ordinary. They have spunk, they have style, they are creative and are here to inspire us with their passion and desire to be their own leaders. Well, this might sound fancy but it’s surely not an easy task and comes with great influential skills and social media responsibilities. These 10 Boss Lady creators are inspiring millions by putting their best foot forward when it comes to creating out-of-the-box content. Scroll down to know these leading ladies who are killing it on social media with their power of influence. So, let’s get right to it!

Here they are:

1. Lilly Singh

Who doesn’t know, Lilly Singh? An independent, self-made woman who has made India proud globally with her creative and entertaining self. Honestly, she is our go-to guide for being fierce, successful, and confident. Well, if this hasn’t inspired you yet, then you have to check out her profile and the way she’s raising funds to help India fight the pandemic. Now, what can we even say about her ‘Bawse’ qualities?

2. Prajakta Koli

We absolutely love how Prajakta Koli doesn’t shy away from showing her real self on social media. Being India’s biggest female comedy content creator, today, she has reached the pinnacle of success by hitting the big screen and entering Bollywood with a bang. With her ever-expanding career, we are super proud of Prajakta for always being real and most importantly finding humour in every situation. She is the only Boss Lady who can make us laugh up to our last breath!

3. Ritu Rathee

Ladies and gentlemen may we have your attention, please while we speak about our supermom, Ritu Rathee. A pilot, influencer, and a mother who is flying high on all fronts. She truly is a Boss Lady who never fails to inspire us! Well, let us tell you one thing, we are super proud of Ritu for juggling multiple roles so smoothly. She is the perfect definition of a strong, independent, and ambitious woman for whom the sky is the limit, amirite?

4. Masoom Minawala

Massom Minawala and #GirlBoss go hand in hand, don’t you agree? She is a founder, content creator, and speaker who believes that content is a reflection of who you are truly and makes you stand out amongst the mass. As one of the leading female entrepreneurs and fashion bloggers worldwide, Masoom leaves no page of creativity unturned. Also, if you are in need of some #GirlBoss motivation then check out Massom’s Instagram filter right away!

5. Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a Rider Girl Vishakha

From breaking stereotypes to becoming India’s first female motovlogger, Vishakha Fulsunge, or as we all popularly know her as Rider Girl Vishakha has come a long way. Everything about her screams #BOSSLADY, amirite? Honestly, her vlogs take us on a virtual ride and we absolutely love Vishaka for being so brave and bold. She is truly inspiring others with her fearless and confident attitude.

6. Malini Agarwal

Well, we can never forget our very own Boss Lady, Malini Agarwal who fills our feed with positivity, knowledge, and good vibes every single day. As an entrepreneur and an influencer, Malini is a #BossLady in a true sense as she embraces new opportunities and knows the beauty of balance. To top it all one of the leadership qualities she posses is to support other women. If you are not sure how then check out the Girl Tribe by MissMalini app right now!

7. Faye D’Souza

Her introduction is very simple, she is the Boss Lady of Journalism! In other words, she is a ray of hope who has a fearless voice in her field. A strong woman who highlights the truth of what is really going on in our country and what news should be the actual headlines. She is no doubt ruling the journalism space with her bold and strong voice and we are super proud of her for inspiring millions out there.

8. Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe or as we can say #SlayQueen is one of the most leading influencers in the fashion space. She has always blown everyone away with her edgy style and creative ideas. Not just that, but she also manages her own fashion brand called ‘Arabella‘, which is not only an e-commerce website but also a store in Mumbai. From all this, we can sum up that Juhi is a self-made woman who is always reaching for the stars.

9. Madhura Bachal

Madhura is an extremely popular influencer whose content revolves around delicious homemade food. With her branded masalas, she is ruling the taste of every dish. Moreover, Madhura is one such food blogger who has proved that talent and passion have no barriers. Also, our cooking #BossLady has made a special place with her Marathi content.

10. House Of Misu

When like-minded BFFs like Mitali & Summiyya work together, then House Of Misu comes to life! These young, dynamic women are taking the path of fashion and luxury blogging by storm. Well, they are the eloquent ladies of the ‘gram who are running the business very successfully. If we ever need to revamp our style then we know whom to reach out to.

There are many, many more influential women out there who inspire us daily with their amazing content. They are all strong, confident, and independent women who never give up, and try to succeed. Also, we really hope and pray that you are all staying home and staying safe.