By now, most of us must have at least heard of Mrunal Panchal once in our life. She is a talented content creator whose makeup skills leave me spellbound every time. Currently, all of us are in the middle of a pandemic and are staying home and staying safe. Mrunal a.k.a Mrunu made effective use of this time and literally took her makeup skills to the next level. She has always been amazing with her makeup but these dramatic looks that she recently created left me speechless. They are so full of creativity that it would be a crime to not talk about it. So, if you are looking for some creative inspiration, you’ve come to the right place ‘cuz these dramatic looks by Mrunu are here to take your breath away.

Are you ready to get inspired?

1. Hues of blue

This look must be so challenging to create and Mrunu has done a phenomenal job, hasn’t she? I simply cannot get over how stunning she looks. Can you guess how many hours she must have taken to finish this masterpiece look?

2. Creating a new dimension altogether

Is there any look Mrunu can’t create? Honestly, I don’t think so. This recreation looks so difficult and she has managed to seamlessly nail every inch of it. Her creativity, innovation and effort always leave me speechless and her fans asking for more!

3. Mystique

I think all of us can agree that Mrunu threw the ball out of the park with this recreation of hers. She tried to create this unique character from the movie X-Men and I think she was more than successful in doing so. Petition to cast Mrunal as Mystique in the new X-men film!

4. Lucifer Morningstar

I need some time to process how accurate this recreation by Mrunu is! Lucifer is a fictional character that many of us fawn upon and Mrunu has captured the essence of this character perfectly. Also, she has a special YouTube video dedicated to this look, so make sure you check that one out.

5. Joker

Is that Joker or Mrunu? Honestly, this girl is such a ball of talent and she outdoes herself with every post she puts. We all know that she is the queen of makeup but this recreation series of hers really left me spellbound and asking for more.

6. The Mummy

This look left me shook! Tbh, it’s so scary and accurate that I can’t get over it. The way she has created this look really shows the amount of hard work she puts in to createher makeup look super realistic. She took inspiration from ‘The Mummy’ and took it a notch higher!

7. White Walker

All the Game Of Throne fans, this one’s specially for you guys! Mrunu has legit nailed the White Walker look and she certainly does look like someone who has been living beyond the ‘Wall’. When I first saw this picture, I wasn’t even able to recognise her. This is a masterpiece, isn’t it?

8. Goddess

All hail the goddess! Something about this picture radiates power and poise, amirite? Mrunu pulled off this eccentric look with so much ease and it left me floored. I admire how she doesn’t shy away from being innovative and trying new quirky looks out.

Well, Mrunal has so many creative looks on her feed that I simply can’t get enough. However, these 8 have to be my absolute favourites. She really took makeup to a whole new level and I really admire her effort. I know times are tough so, I hope these beautiful makeup looks gave you some creative inspo.

Also, everyone reading this article, I hope you are staying home, staying safe and staying safe. I am confident that we shall overcome the pandemic together.