10 Dance Choreographies By Sonali Bhadauria On Bollywood Songs That’re Just Too Nostalgic

Alice Peter , 12 May 2021
Stills From Sonali Bhadauria's Dance Videos (Source: Instagram | @sonali.bhadauria)
Stills From Sonali Bhadauria’s Dance Videos (Source: Instagram | @sonali.bhadauria)

Dance creators on social media often find it difficult to let their content shine and stand out from the rest. The fierce competition on Instagram, makes creators want to ensure that their content is not only unique but also worth the viewers time. Sonali Bhadauria is one such creator whose dance videos are quite a wholesome watch. Her videos have some innovative dance moves, stunning expressions and a whole lot of energy. Recently, Sonali shared a number of dance videos on hit songs from Bollywood movies and these videos immediately made us feel nostalgic!

Check them out…

1. Kate Nahi Katate

Sonali dances to this Sridevi number with so much grace. But that transition and usage of the silhouette filter is absolute genius. The surprise element being Krups Solanki making an entry like a boss or might we say Mr. India here.

2. Ishq Kameena

As kids, we would often be glued to the music channels on television to watch this song’s video (because we didn’t have YouTube back then) and some of us may have even danced along. This Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan starrer number was such a hit that watching Sonali create her version of this dance number floods our mind with all those childhood memories.

3. Ramta Jogi

Sonali takes on yet another hit Bollywood song that features Aishwarya Rai and it left us all mind-blown. Sonali along with Asha D’souza and Pooja Parmar did such a fab job that I can watch this video on loop!

4. Latoo

Sonali collaborated with actress Sargun Mehta where they danced to this Bollywood song from the movie Ghajini. Honestly, the two of them absolutely rocked this dance video. Those moves teamed with finesse really made us wanna get up and dance to this one.

5. Lazy Lamhe

This Ameesha Patel number is a whole mood! And Sonali along with Asha and Pooja have really managed to capture that mood in this video. Well, this is just a glimpse of the full video that you can watch on Sonali’s YouTube channel.

6. Mauja Hi Mauja

As kids, this Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan number was so popular that just hearing the beats of this would make us jump to our feet and gear up to dance away to the hook step. Right from Sonali and the girl’s costumes to those dance moves took us back in time.

7. Aankhon Se Tune

Never would we have imagined a dance video with such amazing moves on this romantic number. This Aamir Khan and Rani Mukerji number is filled with emotions of all things love and goodness. And we love how Sonali has created a transition of shot as well as clothes when Kumar Sanu‘s chunk of the song ends and Alka Yagnik‘s begins. Absolute genius!

8. Mehndi Hai Rachnewali

This beautiful song from the movie Zubeida was a song we’d casually listen to as kids, and now it’s the one song that is a mandate during Mehndi ceremonies. Sonali has danced so gracefully on this song and is an absolute treat to watch. If you’re looking for a Mehndi dance choreography, we suggest you save this video right now.

9. Genda Phool

Talking about wedding choreographies, here’s another one by Sonali. We love how this content creator has translated the lyrics of this song into these stunning dance moves. Another one for the save? We thought the same.

10. Badi Mushkil

Madhuri Dixit-Nene is so stunning in this Bollywood song, and for another dance creator to recreate their version of a Madhuri song can make them feel quite the pressure. But Sonali, you Kween, you have nailed this song with such fab expressions and amazing choreography.

Well, these were some of the dance videos by Sonali Bhadauria that got us feeling a wave of emotions ranging right from feel-good to nostalgia and beyond. We totally loved this creator’s choreographies and dance videos and if we had to choose, we just could not… ‘cause we love ‘em all! But do you have a favourite from this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

On a side note, we hope that watching these videos has helped brighten your mood and spirits, the way it did for us. Also, please do follow all the precautions and don’t forget to stay home and stay safe.

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