Millennials and Gen-Z live in an era of visual content! However, I believe that great content comes from a genuine love of creation, be it visual or through words. Ever wondered if content creators could be storytellers of some interesting books? Even though people prefer watching content over reading. On the other hand, words have the ability to touch our hearts on a different level. Here are a few content creators who are not only avid readers but also transformed themselves into authors and storytellers of some lovely, inspirational and insightful books. So, if you are obsessed with the combo of content creation with books then get ready to escape from the chaos of the world with each of these books authored by our favourite creators.

Check them out:

1. Lilly Singh – ‘How To Be A BAWSE’

Lilly Singh is one of the most popular and loved #BossLadies! Along with content creation, she decided to author a book inspired by her own honest stories and experiences. Well, I personally love the end result and her first book, ‘How To Be A BAWSE’. Now, just imagine getting #BAWSE tips from the master herself, insane right?

2. Jay Shetty – ‘Think like a monk’

Who does not know the former monk, Jay Shetty? Today, he is a life coach, an amazing podcaster, and the #1 bestseller author, surprised? Don’t be as Jay’s first book, ‘Think like a monk’ shot straight to #1 trending book. Tbh, that’s one super hit and big launch, don’t you agree? I recently deep dives into the 12 key lessons mentioned in the book and I could not resist spending hours reading it. The language is simple and the concepts mentioned in the book are super insightful.

3. Krisann Barretto – ‘Level Up’

Krissann is a phenomenal creator and actor who is reaching millions with her happy-go-lucky self. From starting her own brand, Starchild to being a part of a book, Level Up she has come a long way. Speaking about the book, it defo will be my one-stop-destination to get my daily dose of motivation as it’s authored by 12 amazing life coaches. I am super excited to get my hands on this book and can’t wait to read it!

4. Shayamal Vallabhjee – ‘Breathe Believe Balance: A Guide to Self-discovery and Healing’

Are you in need of some introspection? If yes, then just pick up Shayamal’s book, ‘Breathe Believe Balance’. Being a high-performance coach to athletes and executives he has always been a motivator who expressed his thoughts and authored a book. His book is a guide to self-discovery and healing with real life examples and ways to get started towards bringing balance in your life. Honestly, the title of his book screams mindfulness! I would just like to say that this book is a must-read.

5. Malini Agarwal – ‘#To The Moon: How I Blogged My Way To Bollywood’

Malini Agarwal a.k.a MissMalini is an entrepreneur and an influencer who came to Mumbai with the dream to live an extraordinary life. Well, today she is a recognized name in most Indian households. Malini is an avid reader who recommended her fave books to her Instagram followers. Little did she know that she will become a best-selling author herself one day! Her extraordinary book, ‘To The Moon: How I Blogged My Way To Bollywood’, is her journey in the world of blogging. This book is divided into three parts, her journey, her childhood, her work, and blogging tips. I personally love the #MMProTips! This book without any doubt is an absolute joy to read. All budding entrepreneurs and creators where you at?

6. Sadhguru – ‘Karma: A Yogi’s Guide To Crafting Your Destiny’

Sadhguru is a yogi, profound mystic, a visionary humanitarian, and a prominent spiritual leader who translates his thoughts into interesting and insightful books. His latest book, ‘Karma: A Yogi’s Guide To Crafting Your Destiny’ is an exploration and manual of understanding Karma through Sadhguru’s teachings. This book is all about learning how to live intelligently and joyfully in a challenging world. A much-needed inspiration during these uncertain times. So, if you looking for your daily dose of mindfulness, this book is a perfect addition.

7. Shivesh Bhatia – ‘Desserts For Every Mood’

Raise your hand, if you tried recipes from, ‘Bake with Shivesh’. Guess what, both my hands are up in the air! Shivesh Bhatia is a young food blogger who is whipping up Instagram with his simple yet beautiful recipes. As a social media influencer and a self-taught baker, he is also a proud cookbook author of not one but 2 books. His recent book, ‘Desserts for all moods’ is one of my personal faves! All his recipes are drool-worthy and I cannot resist trying them. Well, Shivesh shared some good news on our platter, he is working on not one but TWO more books. I am super excited to see what’s in store for us.

8. Aakash Ranisan – ‘Climate Change Explained – For One And All’

Aakash Ranison, an environmentalist, climate activist and an author is an inspiration. On the special occasion of Earth Day, he came out with his new e-book, ‘Climate Change Explained – for one and all’. With the help of his book, he aims to explain his readers the impact of climate change and how it’s the need of the hour to start taking action by using sustainable solutions. The book is a mix of facts, data about climate change, including topics like the Greenhouse effect, global warming, Carbon footprint, and their effects on earth in the near future. I really find this book insightful and will do my bit in saving the Earth, wbu?

9. Varun Mayya‘Pyjama Profit: The Millenial’s Guide To A Sustainable Freelance Career’

A successful entrepreneur, creator, and co-founder of Avalon Meta, Varun Mayya is also a #1 bestseller author. His book, ‘Pyjama Profit: The Millenial’s Guide To A Sustainable Freelance Career’ is today’s reality. I am sure you will agree with me that freelancing is an art in itself? Varun Mayya talks about the in-demand online skills and the different ways of developing these skills to succeed and become an expert. All millennials where you at?

10. Anubhav Agarwal‘Why Not Me?’

He is a creator who pens down his feelings and takes us on a ride with his words. The author of this beautiful book, Anubhav Agarwal is winning my heart. I cannot agree more on how well he expresses his emotions through words. I have to say that his book is unskippable!

So, here are a few content creators/authors whose books are inspiring and motivating me deeply. Also, I love how each and everyone expressed their true experiences. Honestly, I cannot wait to read more books authored by these creators. Also, this is a gentle reminder to all the readers of this article to stay home, stay safe and read these awesome books!