Instagram is a platform with a plethora of fresh, unique and creative content that never fails to surprise us! While I end up spending hours on Instagram, what truly makes me stop my continuous scrolling are doodles. The thought and creativity on that square space is not only visually appealing but also brings forward messages and perspectives that are overlooked sometimes. Well, I surely was amazed to witness outstanding artsy content on a few illustrators Instagram feed. So, get ready to smile at subtle humour, roll your eyes at the puns as I have curated a list of a few doodlers and illustrators who will give you major artistic inspo!

1. Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma popularly known as Neha Doodles is defo winning my heart with her quirky memes and trending illustrations. Well, she gives us a major reality check with her artistic content. From viral trends and women empowerment to the daily drama she has got it all covered. Currently, I am loving the twist she is giving to all dance trends with her skills. I bet you all will 100% relate to her doodles, memes and illustrations, just like I do.

2. Akanksha a.k.a Doodlesndreams

How can we miss out on Akanksha, when it comes to doodles. Her creativity with artistic content is always on point! Honestly, her doodles are simple yet full of positive affirmations that inspire me personally. I absolutely love how beautifully she has explained #SelfLove above. One should defo check out her Instagram feed. Tbh, her doodles are a great mood booster for me.

3. Alicia Souza

Alicia is an artist, illustrator and supermom who is making people smile through her simple and beautiful content. Her Instagram feed is filled with minimalistic and artistic doodles giving out positive vibes. She draws her heart out through her doodles, sharing all her personal observations and experiences. Well, if you haven’t checked out her feed yet, then you must go and do it ASAP.

4. Mounica Tata a.k.a Doodleodrama

Mounica Tata always leaves me speechless with her innovative and inspiring content. Almost all her doodles are deep and depict a hidden message. Every time, I see her artwork, I simply scream WOW. I absolutely admire artists who express their thoughts so beautifully, one of them is Mounica for sure. I would love to attend her workshop someday.

5. Bhavya Doshi a.k.a Thedoodledesk

When minimalist meets art, Thedoodledesk comes on top! Just like me, you won’t stop scrolling through Bhavya’s Instagram feed as it’s one of the most innovative and creative accounts ever. I surely can feel the art of spreading joy, through her aesthetic, minimalistic and inspirational doodling. The vibrant colours, imagery and text never fail to fill me with positivity. If you are looking out for some awe-inspiring doodle content then Thedoodledesk is your go-to.

6. Shreya Kundu a.k.a Shreyadoodles

Shreya Kundu is yet another talented artist whose cute and cuddly doodle characters will leave you in awe! Converting an ordinary conversation and thought to an extraordinary one is an art in itself. I just can’t get over her artsy doodles, here’s one perfect example, so all pizza lovers don’t forget to swipe. I bet you will laugh out loud!

7. Saloni Patel a.ka Moodyymoo

Well, if you are looking for some everyday mood doodles then Saloni Patel has got you fully covered. I personally love how she seamlessly amalgamates mental-health-related messages in her doodles. Her content is quite interesting and relatable. I genuinely can find doodles that depict my current mood and feeling in real-time on her feed. Check her feed for some artistic inspiration.

So, that’s it! These were a few talented artists whose doodles and artworks not only amazed me but also identified with me one hundred percent. These artist creators are really creating some meaningful and inspiring content and touches our hearts and brings a smile to our faces. All, those who are reading this I hope you are all staying home and staying safe! Well, if you are getting bored sitting at home then find the artist within you and start doodling.