Daniel Weber’s Instagram-based chat show, Stories of Hope, has been tapping into several areas of a common man’s interest. Diet, nutrition and mental health are growing concerns for many who are getting infected by coronavirus. The composer-entrepreneur invited nutritionist Shweta Bhatia, the founder of Mind Your Fitness, and mental-health expert Aishwarya, the founder of Happiness Global to escalate India’s happiness quotient, to his show over two days to stress upon the significance of a healthy diet and a top-notch mental state while recovering from COVID-19

While advising the listeners to approach a qualified professional for advice on recovery post-testing negative, Shweta Bhatia says—

Even after one has tested negative, it takes a while to recover as the infection impacts you all over. Good nutrition helps you stand strong in the face of any condition that your body battles. There are a lot of videos on every platform guiding you on diet that can help you recover. I would advise you to approach a professional who can do that for you without compromising other conditions in your body. As a clinical nutritionist, working with a team of professionals, I believe it’s important to tackle recovery in a three-way process – nutrition, physical health and mental health.

She is about to launch a Covid Rehab Programme helping people with recovery from covid at home as well as post-recovery. The program offers to assist with a range of things from diet planning, chest therapy to mental health counselling.

Aishwarya, who talked about various ways in which her organisation is helping people to stay happy and mentally in a positive state, says—

There are lots of cases of people showing suicidal tendencies and depression, stemming from what’s happening around us. Yoga and professional advice go hand-in-hand in correcting these. People don’t realise controlling your stress is the key to improving your immune system. Also, it’s crucial for people to harbour positive thoughts, to surround themselves with positive news, watch capsules like Stories of Hope, and also vent out their negative thoughts in a book or something. It helps in getting rid of it soon and get clarity in your thoughts. Herbal tea and having a cardamom before you sleep is another hack that can come in handy.

They are soon coming up with a ‘Hello Happiness’ campaign which would be uniting top changemakers across the globe to ignite positivity and hope with people by giving people a chance to talk to the celebrities and mentors.

Talking about the same Daniel says—

It makes me feel great to be able to help people in these troubled times. While sharing stories of hope, I also enjoy putting together these little chat sessions with experts. They go a long way in telling people that caution and care can resolve a lot of problems.

Kudos to Daniel, for starting this much-needed chat show!