Shivani Bafna Makes The Cutest Reels With Her Fam And We Absolutely Love Them!

Alice Peter , 15 May 2021
Shivani Bafna and her family (Source: Instagram | @shivani_bafna)
Shivani Bafna and her family (Source: Instagram | @shivani_bafna)

Today is International Family Day, such a wonderful day to celebrate the special familial bond. We often see social media buzzing with content around family. And each of these posts sure does manage to get us feeling warm and fuzzy. Shivani Bafna is an influencer who has been creating some really stunning content on Instagram and YouTube. And when it comes to the content around her fam, be it trending Reels, dancing ones, quirky challenges… you name it, they have done them all! Wanna see them too?

Scroll away…

1. The Ladies Special

This video of Shivani Bafna has a generous sprinkle of cuteness, sweetness and positive vibes. We love how both the grandmas are grooving so effortlessly, and mommy Bafna is just killin‘ it with those moves. Shivani, can you blame us for giving all our attention to them?

2. Bringin‘ sexy back

To have your entire fam along with your in-laws in one frame, dancing away to a trending Reel with all of that energy is just wow. We especially love how daddy Bafna and daddy Shah are owning those moves with so much swag.

3. You got the right Temperature

This Reel has to be our most favourite version of the #Temperature trend on the ‘gram. We especially like Shivani’s caption here, “Belans are the new mics!!!” We honestly love #DadisaBaf videos and cannot wait to see more of her stunning performances in the Reels.

4. This ‘then and now’ Reel

We’ve watched Instagrammers take on this trend with all of those mind-blowing glow up transformations. But this video by Shivani made us go Awwww (x infinite)! This daddy-daughter duo are our absolute fave.

5. #DadBaf and Shivani bussin’ it!

The glam and buss it was quite a thing on the ‘gram. And we love how daddy Bafna took this one quite seriously and wanted to ensure he does it quite perfectly too. Sorry Shivani, this time too we were hooting for #DadBaf. *Woot Woot*

6. Prank gone cute!

Like the way Shivani has typed it out in her caption, CUTEST HUMAN! We cannot help but be in absolute agreement. This video and #DadisaBaf’s expressions are sooo cute, we may have hit the like button one too many times… and… um… broke it.

7. The #DadBaf vibe

If you read the caption and then watched this video, you wanna give #DadBaf a hugeee kudos. Just 20 mins to record this video is absolutely amazing. And along with those steps, all that swag and energy is so on-point.

8. The fam-jam video

Taking on this viral trend with this famous Yashraj Mukhate number like bosses. The entire Bafna fam got together for this one, and we love how each one of them are so enthusiastic and cute in this Reel.

So, here were some of our favourite family videos by Shivani Bafna that absolutely uplifted our moods. Each video was so wholesome and had such feel-good vibes that honestly they are all our favourites! We are huge Bafna family fans and cannot wait to see more of their content soon. Also, Shivani thank you so much for entertaining us with these amazing videos.

On a side note, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. Let’s hope better times arrive soon.

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