Ravi Dubey is one such actor who has always pushed the envelope with every performance that he has given. His career achievements are commendable. There is no doubt that he has worked hard to make a name for himself in this industry and a lot of blood and sweat has gone behind his success. Till date, we all have heard stories about Ravi Dubey as an actor but little did anyone knew that he came to Mumbai to become an engineer. Don’t believe me? Find out yourself about the life story of Ravi Dubey.

Recently Ravi was talking about his journey, where he shared—

I come from Gurgaon where being an actor was a far fetched idea. Therefore like everyone else I was looking at the other inclinations that I may have within me. That’s when my dad suggested I should be an Engineer as a plan B for life. However, my father in his heart and mind always knew that I will find my place in this creative industry and that’s why I chose Mumbai and not any other city for pursuing Engineering. Whatever his foresight was it came into being and in my 3rd year of college I started doing a lot of commercials and eventually entered the television industry and by God’s grace now, Sargun and I, we are producing content for television. Honestly, I am nothing but grateful for everything that I have in my life.

Ravi who recently tested positive for COVID-1 currently in complete isolation and taking utmost care of himself. We are sure Ravi is going to be fine in no time and we will see him back in the game super soon.