Just like an apple a day can keep the doctor away… Probably a cute doggo video a day can keep the bad vibes away. Well, this OG line comes from my recent experience when I went down the rabbit hole of adorable animal videos. Right from fluffy little kittens to button eyed doggos, I saw them all! But this one lil’ fella made me absolutely fall in love with him. Scherezade Shroff a.k.a. Sherry Shroff’s pup-ster, Mars Shroff has featured in a number of videos on Sherry’s Instagram and each video that you watch will make you fall in love with him even more. Don’t believe me? Scroll away and test yourself!

Are you ready to fall in love?

1. Henlo!

Animals and the way they react when they look at themselves in the mirror are just the cutest. This specific video of Mars hi-pawing himself along with that voice-over is so apt and cute. I can literally watch this video all day, every day!

2. #MarsReacts

Instagram has been buzzing with videos of doggos reacting to certain sounds that makes their head tilt. And Mars here just teamed that head tilt with the cutest expressions. I wanna see more of #MarsReacts videos, what about you?

3. Here’s another one…

I honestly don’t know about you guys, but this head tilt and big button eyes is making my heart melt. Why are you so cute Mars? Like seriously why?

4. Mars just playing it cool

First of all, that crunchy noise would make anybody curious to know, what are you chomping on that sounds so delicious? So Mars’s expression transition from “hey, it’s a prank” to “hey, did you just eat my ear, if no what are you eating?” needs some extra treats!

5. This video will make your heart melt

OMG, Mars has my heart in this video. All that love and warm energy that he has for Sherry in this video is so heart-warming. And that Reel audio along with this video is like the most perfect match ever, don’t you agree?

6. An absolute treat lover

Though you cannot see Mars’ face here, those ears definitely are covering up for those expressions and facial movements. Two other moments in this video that are an absolute highlight is when Sherry asks Mars for a hi-five and he immediately raises his paw. And the other is when Sherry says treats, gets up to get him one, and you can Mars’ grinning side face. Haha… cute-ster!

7. High-fivin’ away!

Awwwww... what an obedient lil’ baby. He is clearly the pro at giving high-fives and making those cute expressions too. Also, I love how he has that ‘Yes, good boy… that’s me’ face.

8. This virtual love affair

This Remix Reel of Sherry featuring Mars and his antics and Dolly Singh and her doggo baby is the cutest. We love how Mars has so many expression and aww-dorable moments in this one Reel. And obviously, their doggo love affair is just all hearts!

These were just some of the Reels from Sherry’s Instagram account that showcased Mars’ cuteness overload moments. And honestly, during these uncertain times, these videos are an absolute mood changer and stress-buster. I am a huge fan of Mars and cannot wait to watch more videos of this cute-ster. What about you guys? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

And on a side note, do stay home and stay home.