Instagram is currently one of the most loved and widely used social media platforms. Many of us use this platform as a medium to press ourselves and our experiences. So, in order to make the users feel more comfortable on the platform, Instagram now allows users to add up to 4 pronouns to their bio. Currently, a lot of millennial and Gen-Z users already mention their pronouns in their bio, Instagram wishes to make this experience more seamless with their latest update. According to us, this is an amazing step towards helping users express their identity freely. Here’s everything you need to know about this update.

What is the update all about?

Last week Instagram released a new update in many countries that allows users to add up to 4 pronouns to their bio. This is entirely optional and you can skip adding it if you do not wish to and also edit them as and when you need. Instagram will show you a dozen of pronoun options from which you can choose the ones you prefer. This will help users avoid inappropriate words. They also plan to update this list over time and if you wish to use a pronoun that doesn’t already exist in the list, you can submit a form requesting for the same. Personally, we think this is a great step especially for everyone who’s gender diverse or is exploring their identity. While a few countries have already received this update, you can expect this feature to roll out widely in many nations pretty soon.

How to add pronouns to your profile?

The steps to add your preferred pronouns to your profile are super simple. Here’s how you can go about it:

1. As soon as this feature is available in your region, you will be able to see a ‘pronouns‘ tab under the ‘name‘ tab as soon as you click on ‘edit profile‘.

2. Instagram will show you a list of pronouns available, select up to 4 preferred pronouns that you wish to use. You can also choose whether you wish to share the pronouns publicly or only with your followers.

3. As soon as you select your pronouns, click on the ‘save‘ button and your pronouns will appear directly under your name in the bio.

Here’s what Vishal Shah, VP of Product at Instagram shared on his profile,

Now you can add pronouns to your profile with a new field. It’s another way to express yourself on Instagram and we’ve seen a lot of people adding pronouns already, so hopefully, this makes it even easier. Available in a few countries today with plans for more

We absolutely love how Instagram rolled out this important new feature and are confident that it’ll help people express themselves freely on the platform. What do you think of this new update? Tell us in the comments below. Also, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. All the Mumbai folks, we are in the clutches of a severe cyclone so, we request everyone to stay indoors.