From Boomers to Gen-Z, today almost everyone uses Instagram. It’s one of the most loved social media platforms that gives people a medium to express themselves. It has helped so many content creators and influencers build their loyal fanbase as well. However, with so many people using the platform, it may get increasingly challenging to make your profile stand out. We all know Instagram is a visual platform so, to make your profile unique, amping up your feed aesthetic is the need of the hour. So, for everyone who wishes to make their feed look beautiful but don’t know where to start, we have some simple steps for you that can help you amp your aesthetic on Instagram. What are you waiting for? Dive right in.

Here’s how you can make your feed look aesthetically pleasing…

1. Identify your personality

It’s very important to showcase your true personality through your Instagram feed. Decide what creative mood and vibe appeals to you and aim to achieve that through your content. Your feed will give your audience a sense of who you are and what your vibe is. So, it’s vital to think this through and keep it consistent throughout.

2. Choose a colour scheme

Do you have a favourite colour? You can use it to give your feed an overarching colour scheme. Having a consistent colour scheme or colour palette is important as it gives your feed a sense of synergy and makes it appealing to the eye. A person is likely to spend more time scrolling through your feed if they find your content visually synced and appealing. The easiest way to do this is to use your preferred presets that are available on various editing apps.

3. Plan your posts well in advance

If you wish to revamp your feed and make it more aesthetic, you gotta put in some time and effort. It’s very difficult to maintain a feed if you believe in impromptu posting. You gotta make sure no posts look out of place or repetitive, amirite? You can plan your posts well in advance with tools like Hopper HQ and many more.

4. Plan out a grid

Now, we know managing a grid is a tedious task but trust us, it would make your feed look phenomenally beautiful. Following a grid pattern develops a sense of cohesiveness on your feed and you will be able to convey your vibe in a better manner. If managing a complex grid seems too much for you, then you can start with something easy like maintaining a black/white theme or using white borders in all the pictures. An app like ‘Grids‘ can help you plan your design out.

5. Don’t be scared of editing your images

We are all for ‘being your true self’ on social media. However, if you wish to maintain an aesthetic looking feed on Instagram, you will have to start editing the colour tones of your images in a way that they suit your overarching palette. Don’t be wary of adjusting the brightness or reducing some exposure in order to make your post feed friendly. There are so many apps available that will make this process super simple.

6. Go beyond your feed

Imagine having a stunning feed but a messy set of highlights. That would be quite a turn-off, wouldn’t it? If you are actually dedicated to revamping your Instagram, make sure you don’t miss out on being mindful of your highlights. You can use cute and quirky logos and divide your highlights according to events or themes. Remember to keep the colour scheme consistent while choosing the highlight logos.

There you go, these 6 simple tips are a great way to make your Instagram feed look more aesthetically appealing. Currently, all of us must stay home to stay safe, so use this time to finally start revamping your feed. All the effort will surely be worth it!