"Bulbul Is Super Fun To Watch Because She Is An Extremely Unpredictable Kind Of A Character" - Ruhi Singh On MX Player's 'Runaway Lugaai'

Avya Sharma , 18 May 2021
Ruhi Singh, Naveen Kasturia and Sanjay Mishra in Runaway Lugaai (Source: Instagram | @ruhisingh12)
Ruhi Singh, Naveen Kasturia and Sanjay Mishra in Runaway Lugaai (Source: Instagram | @ruhisingh12)

What happens when the girl you recently got married to goes missing? MX Player is now live with its latest dramedy called Runaway Lugaai which shows the humorous yet heart-warming expedition of Rajni, who is looking for his runaway Lugaai. Helmed by Avinash Das, this MX Original series stars Ruhi Singh who plays the role of Bulbul aka the Runaway Lugaai. I saw the trailer and the only word I can use to describe her is wild. Wonderfully chaotic and the perfectly put together mess, love her or hate her – you simply can’t ignore her.

Naveen Kasturia plays the sweet husband who is head over heels for his ‘lugaai’. The series also stars some of the impeccable actors like Sanjay Mishra and Ravi Kishan. Recently, I had the chance to interview the lead actress of the show, Ruhi Singh. She spoke about how she bagged the role and her experience working with some of the best actors in the industry.

Ruhi Singh, Naveen Kasturia and Sanjay Mishra in Runaway Lugaai (Source: Instagram | @ruhisingh12)
Ruhi Singh, Naveen Kasturia and Sanjay Mishra in the poster of Runaway Lugaai (Source: Instagram | @ruhisingh12)

Here are the excerpts from the interview—

How did Runaway Lugaai happen? What’s the story?

It’s quite an interesting story. I jetted off to Patna to shoot. My first day on set was quite exciting, given that the show boasts of an ensemble cast like Pankaj Jha, Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, and Naveen Kasturia. I felt like this is exactly, where you need to be. It was a complete honour for me to be a part of it.

How did you prep for the role?

I wish I had gotten more time to prep for the role, but I didn’t. So, I just made the best out of the situation. I told myself that I am not going to worry about how I am going to do it, I will just observe people and I will just probably follow Sanjay Mishra sir around. Because he in himself is a school of acting and school of diction. Adding to that, people on the set were really sweet to help me.

How would you describe Bulbul?

Bulbul is a really ambitious, happy-go-lucky, confident, someone who knows what she wants—kind of a girl. She is from Patna and someone who is very colourful in the way she thinks who is also a bit hot-headed. Bulbul is super fun to watch because she is an extremely unpredictable kind of a character.

What was it like working with such impeccable actors— Naveen Kasturia, Sanjay Mishra and Ravi Kishan?

The fact that I was on that set working with all of these amazing people was the best feeling ever. As an actor, it was the most gratifying and satisfying experience of my life. I was so proud of having arrived there and having the opportunity to work with these actors. They made me extremely comfortable on set and most importantly I got to learn so much from each of them.

Watch the trailer of Runaway Lugaai here—

I am super excited to watch the show and sure can’t wait to see what the actors have in store for us! What about you guys?

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