Radhika Apte is a fine actress whose work speaks for itself. Through the versatility in her roles, she set her own mark in Bollywood and that is what makes her journey so interesting and inspiring. Recently, Radhika Apte opened up and spoke about the time when a nude video was leaked online and it was rumored to be hers.

The nude clip that went viral was from Radhika’s film Clean Shaven and some reports claimed it was her in the video. She denied the false allegations and explained how it affected her mentally. Radhika’s journey in Bollywood sky-rocketed after her phenomenal work in Parched where she played the role of a sex worker.

Talking about her role in Parched and the video controversy, Radhika told Grazia magazine-

I really needed a role like this because when you’re in Bollywood you’re constantly told what to do with your body and I always maintained that I would never do anything to my body or face. When a nude clip of mine leaked, while I was filming Clean Shaven, I was trolled badly, and it did affect me. I couldn’t step out of the house for four days, not because of what the media was saying but because my driver, watchman, and my stylist’s driver recognised me from the images.

The controversial photographs were bare-skinned selfies, and anyone with a sane eye would have guessed it wasn’t me. I don’t think there is anything one can do, or one should do, but ignore it. Anything else is a waste of your time. So, when I stripped for Parched, I realised: ‘There’s nothing left for me to hide’.

I have been very fortunate to get some great projects. But, during the lockdown, I realised that I’m not very happy with the kind of work I keep doing, due to which I am constantly busy. It is inspiring.

Radhika was recently seen in Disney+HotStar’s OK Computer alongside Vijay Varma and Jackie Shroff.

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