With consumerism on the rise and brands constantly vying for our attention, we often find ourselves impulsively buying clothes and accessories. Let’s be honest living in a city is hard because closet space is limited unless you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. Whatever you have, your closet requires attention and TLC. Sustaining an organised closet is an ongoing process because updating your wardrobe will be an ongoing process. Our closets would be huge, colour coordinated and meticulously organised in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world and it can be quite a chore to keep one’s closet clutter-free.

If you want to streamline your morning routine then you have to get that wardrobe organised. Of course, how you organise your closet depends on the space you have in your home and the size of your closet. And you know what the best part is; you don’t need to be a seasoned professional to get your wardrobe together. You just need a few handy tips to tackle it efficiently.

Here’s how you can efficiently organise your closet:

1) Edit your closet.

You want to start by taking everything out of your closet. It is really important to get rid of items that don’t make you feel good or you feel don’t look good on you. It is possible you don’t wear them or have no purpose for them. And once you get rid of those things you can focus on the things you really love.

2) Clean your closet.

Once you’ve emptied out your closet make sure you clean it down with wet wipes. Run the vacuum through tiny areas you can’t get your wet wipe into. Clean out the dirt and dust from your storage bins as well.

3) Organise items by category.

The best way to find your clothes with ease is to organise items by categories. You can organise them by style, length, colour. Personally, I like to colour coordinate my closet because when I get ready I feel colours more than styles. So work with your preferences that way you’ll enjoy maintaining your closet. To put it simply, slot shirts together, jackets together, so on and so forth. These categories can change and be altered to suit your lifestyle, so if you are an active person and use those clothes more then make sure you have a category for your athletic gear.

4) Invest in good quality hangers.

Hangers make a huge difference to a space visually. So opt for the same hangers for uniformity and a cohesive looking space. You could get felt hangers because they are slim and things tend not to slip off. Clip hangers are great for skirts, trousers, shorts. Taking care of your clothes will make them last so much longer too.

5) Optimal shelving.

Some of your gentler and soft clothing will need folding because if you put them on a hanger they’ll get stretched out on the shoulders. Make sure you put some silica gel packets in your closet to absorb moisture as well.

6) Properly utilise the space in your closet.

Make sure to reserve the front and middle of your closet for clothes you wear most often. It would be beneficial to make sure your work clothes are at the front of your closet. Lesser-worn items like formal wear and out-of-season clothes can be stored toward the back.

7) How to declutter.

Remember when you pull everything out of your closet it would be easier for you to sort through the pile if you’re able to compare similar clothes. So group items together as this will make it easier to get rid of things and if any item gives you a reason to hesitate, toss it in a pile to donate.

If you struggle with this step, it would be helpful to ask these questions.

  • Do you love this item?
  • How often do you wear it?
  • Does it help project the image you want to portray?

If the answer is “yes” to all three, then you can assuredly leave that item in your closet. Alternatively, you could also make a maybe pile and store it in a box and visit it once every three months. And if you successfully forget about them or never end up wanting to wear them then you can donate them.

8) Roll and store some of your clothes.

This is a good trick when you’re trying to save on space. Your thin and pliable clothes can be rolled and tucked into drawers. This could be your basic tee, tanks and athleisure.

9) Accessories are important.

It is so important for some items that you love to be on display so you can just throw them on and bounce. You can opt for hooks on the inside of your door to hang your necklaces neatly. Stuff your handbags with paper so they don’t lose their shape over time and stack them neatly on shelves so they are easier to access.

10) Storage bins.

If you want to have your wardrobe look neat and tidy, get yourself some bins that you can add your folded clothes into. See-through boxes are definitely better so you can see everything at a glance. You can also store your accessories like scarves, hats, gloves in these bins/baskets.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you measure your space before investing in any storage boxes or baskets.
  • Donate items that have been gently used and might benefit another person.
  • Recycle items that you love but have a few stains and rips. Upcycling and DIY’ing items will also be a fun activity for you to indulge in.
  • Items that should end up in the trash are things that are stained beyond repair, ripped, out of style, or anything that you would be embarrassed to donate.

There’s no right formula for the things you should have in your wardrobe, but the only thing I can tell you is to have only items that spark joy and bring back fond memories. Cause let’s be honest, women love to hang on to items with sentimental meaning.

What hacks do you use to organise your closet? Let me know in the comments below.

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