Although a good skincare routine and a healthy diet is the best way to great looking skin sometimes you need results sooner rather than later if you’re stepping out. Here’s where colour correctors come into play. Unsung heroes of the makeup world, with the right application and product they can cover every pimple redness or other imperfections you desire for an even complexion. Colour correcting continues to be popular but it’s an art that we as Indian women are extremely familiar with. Our skin is so diverse and versatile with a range mix of olive, gold and even pink undertones. However, we are also genetically prone to pigmentation, discolouration and dullness at times. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right type of products and colours to keep in check with our brown skin, instead of opting for lighter shades marketed. Before you go ahead and start painting on your makeup like Picasso, we’ve shade our rounded up six of the best colour correctors that work on Indian skin.

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1. MAC, Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palette

A fantastic corrector and concealer combination you’ll spot this handy palette in many professional makeup artist kits because it’s that good. Pick from 3 pre-made palettes for your skin tone, its great for a range of shades that you can even mix them together to create your custom tones. From mild peaches to deeper oranges this super strength product’s ultra-creamy texture and can fix anything from dullness, dark circles to even covering up tattoos.

MAC Studio Conceal And Correct Palette In ‘Dark’ | Source: MAC Cosmetics

2. Smashbox, Color Correcting Stick

If you struggle with any redness you got to have a green to neutralize it. This creamy colour stick from Smashbox designed with a pencil tip gives you the ease of precision and full control to access all the nooks and hard to reach corners of your face. Plus it so soft and blends easily doing its job well where you don’t require much concealer on top.

Smashbox Color Correcting Stick

3. Bobbi Brown, Under Eye Corrector in Dark Peach

If you look perpetually tired you need this product in your life. Bobbi Brown makes some of the best peach and dark peach correctors around that work really well on our Indian skin tones. Plus this is literally the makeup version of drinking a cup of coffee, where it lifts and brightens dark circles, spots and neutralizes any pigmentation around the mouth. Moreover, it’s so opaque and creamy you really don’t need a ton of product for a seamless look without creasing.

Bobbi Brown Corrector | Source: Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Corrector | Source:

4. L.A. Girl, HD Pro Conceal

While quality matters when it comes to correctors, you don’t have to go expensive. The L.A Girl concealer correctors pack a mean punch in a small easy to apply the package. Their green, yellow and peachy or orange shades are all pretty fantastic and easy to blend. Just remember less is more when it comes to this.

L.A. Girl, HD Pro Conceal (source:

5. Maybelline, Master Camo Color Correcting Concealer Kit

Want an all-in-one option? Then this drugstore palette is the perfect pick for you. It contains all the range of colours you need to correct, conceal and highlight. It’s not like you have to layer them all on at once but having them all together in one place is super useful. The formulas soft consistency makes it user-friendly and easy to use for dark spots, breakouts and undereye circles with no fuss.

Maybelline Concealer Master Camo Palette
Maybelline Concealer Master Camo Palette

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