Art Accounts To Follow On Instagram That'll Help You Self-Soothe

Nelly Wadia , 22 May 2021
Art accounts to follow on Instagram that'll help you self-soothe. By Alla Saffari |
Art accounts to follow on Instagram that’ll help you self-soothe. By Alla Saffari |

For many, the pandemic has set their priorities straight. It put things in perspective when your privilege gets taken away. And some of us have had enough time to introspect and take stock of our lives. We’re finally beginning to realise how toxic our hustle and lives have been. Sometimes the people we follow on social media also add to this toxicity. So if you are in the process of culling your feed or your on the hunt for inspiration I’ve been slowly collecting accounts that make me feel calm. And there’s something so calming about watching people do their art, don’t you think? So I’m going to do ya’ll a favour and list out a few of these accounts for your sanity.

Here are a few of my favourite art accounts to follow on Instagram that helps me self-soothe:

1) Si – Floral Line-Art

Line art is something that I am so stoked to have tried my hand at. It takes time to complete but is a very fruitful and enjoyable process.

2) The Artsychoke

These pretty art pieces could easily form the basis of a fabric, no? Devika C Mahajan is evidently talented.

3) The Ink Bucket

Vidhi Khandelwal is such a talented illustrator and she makes the most gorgeous wall art too.

4) Varsha Lad

Varsha is a self-taught artist and nature lover. She is highly skilled at gouache art.

5) ArtByItisha

Itisha plays around a lot with acrylic paints and impressions of nature.

6) Zentrigued

Packed doodles with shiny pens on black paper. So, so beautiful.

7) Artsypu

She mostly works on a mini-canvas also replicating the beauty of nature with her art.

8) Pastelpalettebytanya

Tanya Singh paints natural scapes and flower art with acrylic paint, mesmerising.

9) Zafikha Aida

Zafikha is a really wonderful watercolourist and is really skilled at her shading.

10) Kamya_marwah

Kamya explores the world of fluid art, which is completely tantalising.

What are some art accounts you follow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.

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