For a long time I wondered If I was truly being productive during this lockdown. My life has been all about work and then Netflix. I reached this point where I began to miss human interaction and grabbing a nice meal with my friends. So I started looking up recipes by different Chefs to make at home and slowly invested in some ingredients. I slowly started to have the greatest time and before I knew it I was expanding my range by cooking up different cuisines. It bought me peace and calm and for that one hour I could leave everything behind.

Now I know that not everyone feels this way about cooking. To many it is a daunting and frustrating task.
So it’s ok if you don’t identify with me and my feelings but if you want to try you hand at something different or pick up a new hobby. I’m listing out a few Chef’s who share their amazing recipes on Instagram, they helped inspire me to do something more with my time. And with that my family and I enjoy many delicious meals together. Totes blowing my horn here.

Here are a few Instagram Chefs that post drool-worthy recipes often:

1) Chef Morwani

Chef Anand Morwani has an Insta feed full of recipes we been tackling incorrectly.

2) Chef Tzac

Chef Thomas Zacharias takes us through recipes from around India. His food is delicious and homey and his videos are simply hilarious with him sliding into frame each time.

3) Chef Jayraj

Chef Jayraj Chandani is a total hunk and his feed is packed with delicious Asian recipes. I promise you his recipes are easy and fabulous.

4) Cooking With Bello

Chef Angelo Coassin is an Italian actor and dance who is busy cooking up a storm on his Insta. He makes absolutely delicious Italian food, drool, drool and more drool.

5) Ramen Haired Girl

Chef Vidhi Doshi makes the most beautiful and delicious vegeterian and vegan recipes.

6) That Food Person

Aleeya Sayeed is a self-taught home cook and baker who cooks up some yummy Indian food.

7) Jamie Oliver

Love seasoned Chef Jamie Oliver’s Insta, he has videos of his son cooking as well. He mostly makes British cuisine.

8) Cooking With Sheeren

Chef Shereen Pavlides approaches cooking with her unique flair which is why I love watching her recipes.

9) Salt By Flavia

Chef Flavia Lewis makes yummy dessert treats but her highlights are filled with interesting savoury recipes too.

10) Half Baked Harvest

Tieghan Gerard has one of the most aesthetic feeds I’ve seen, everything she cooks I really want to eat.

Do you follow some cool chefs on Instagram that we should be checking out? Let me know in the comments below.

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