Social media has made it possible today to express yourself and inspire millions around you. It’s not only important to inspire people but to get inspired as well, it has to be a win-win, isn’t it? Tbh, we are glad for content creators who push us to think differently. Talking about creators, we have immense respect for them as they’ve helped bring motivation and happiness during these uncertain times. One such creator is Raj Shamani who is all in for hard-hitting and unfiltered truth. So let’s dive right into these impactful Reels.

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1. Happiness depends upon ourselves

It’s important to start being independent in today’s day and age otherwise personal growth would go for a toss. I couldn’t agree more with Raj when he said ‘freedom from society standards’, that’s the main agenda. The point of satisfaction and happiness can be achieved only when there is some sort of freedom to complement it. There’s a saying ‘care less for others and care for yourself more’.

2. Life is uncertain

Currently, the pain around us is so much that we are helpless as Raj rightly said, it is important to become empathetic and loving even if it’s a layman, you might never know what is going on in their life. Also, what’s the harm in being a little polite and giving some warmth, right? Because life is full of uncertainties, one might never know what is in store for them next. So, be kind.

3. Say yes to taking risks

Whether small or big ones, everyone is afraid of risks because there is a chance you might fail. But honey, what if you fly? It’s good to be nervous but giving up shouldn’t be an option. Inner confidence is the only way personal growth can be achieved.

4. Expectations vs Reality

A lot of people start expecting without facing and knowing the reality. Let me give you an example, stop expecting your business to grow without putting in the hard work and dedication. There’s a huge difference between expectations and reality in the current world scenario. Everything isn’t spoon-fed, finding your ways of putting in the effort and being consistent is the key to success, says Raj.

5. Lookback for your growth

Do you look back at your past, to compare your growth? If not, you should give it a thought as it gives you opportunities to know yourself better and to review your performance. It is an important aspect which many people perceive negatively. while it’s not. Past can teach you an abundance of lessons so yes, turn around and look back.

6. Don’t limit yourself

It’s the 21st century but still, there are social stigmas against women and aspiring dreamers. It is super important to stand up for yourself, ‘cuz if you cant, no one else can for you! Be passionate, fight against the odds and become the change, fail as well but never give up. Try and try till you succeed. Live life from one high to another.

These are just 6 out of his thousands of posts and I kid you not each of his Reel will make you realize something newer and better for your personal growth. Yes, it’s that inspiring and engaging, so, you should start scrolling through his feed right away. Also, we know times are challenging and we hope these Reels filled you with inspiration. We also hope all of you are staying home and staying safe.