Ever had a moment where you are on a scrolling spree on Instagram and then you watch a Reel that makes your heart melt instantly. This is exactly what I feel whenever I see a Reel featuring Ashi Khanna and Tanzeel Khan together. While she has a personality that is so vibrant and positive, he has a charm that can make your heart skip a beat. And together their chemistry is absolutely bang on! I have a list of Reels filled with a whole lot of feels right here for you. Check ’em out!

Here you go…

1. Right in the feels

This Reel literally gave me goose-bumps. It is so romantic and these two look so adorable together in this video. I don’t know about your guys but the chemistry can legit be seen and felt. Also because this audio is of Tanzeel’s song, Inaayat, which features Ashi, it makes this video even more aww-some!

2. Cuteness on point

This super casual Reel of Ashi and Tanzeel is absolutely filled with adorable vibes. Those moves are so smooth and expressions totally enhancing the mood of this video. Also, I love how honest Tanzeel’s caption is, haha!

3. Those swagger moves

AKTK moving to those beats like bosses! But what makes this video even more special is how they have done this routine so flawlessly. Sync, on point, swagger moves, on-point and adding their own vibe and a whole lot of energy, on point!

4. The Runway Aurora Reel trend

Ashi and Tanzeel hopped on this famous Reel trend, Runway Aurora and they sure did manage to capture some really stunning clicks. This video is honestly quite a surreal watch. I have legit lost count of the number of times I have watched this one.

5. This Reel is just aww!

I am a sucker for Reels with a sweet and short romantic story along with some soothing music. And because this one is exactly that, I love it every bit. AKTK’s transition from the childhood days to now in this video is just absolutely genius.

6. Define happiness?

Ashi and Tanzeel, this video is filled with love. As soon as the Reel starts playing, I secretly did wish for Ashi to be a part of this, and well, yeahhh, she did! This has to be one of my favourite AKTK Reels for sure!

7. Bloopers special video

This blooper Reel is hands down the cutest video you will watch today. I have watched this Reel on loop and still cannot get enough of how adorable these two are. Don’t you agree?

So, these were some amazing Reels shared by Ashi and Tanzeel a.k.a. AKTK were so good that they made us smile as we watched it. These two content creators are so talented and have some wholesome content on their pages. While these were just a few of the amazing ones listed down, there’s a whole lot more on their Instagram as well as YouTube channel. And we cannot wait to watch them create some more magic through their videos. Do you have a favourite Reel from this list? Tell us about it in the comments.

Also, we know times have been tough and unpredictable, but we shall overcome this pandemic soon. Please do stay home, stay safe and if you have to step out, double mask up!