Instagram has made it possible for us to view content by talented creators on just a small screen, anywhere and anytime. Currently, we at Missmalini Trending feature one International creator every Wednesday who have made their mark on Instagram globally through their content. The creator space is getting wider day by day, to be able to stand out from the rest and create a mark can be challenging. Through our special segment, we highlight International creators who are creating content influenced or inspired by India. So dive right in to check out who these powerhouse of talents are…

Scroll away to check out these creators…

1. Drisya Reghuram

Drisya has been an avid dancer since she was 5 years old and currently she choreographs and creates content. She made a mark through her simple yet elegant Reels. This talented creator’s only message to the aspiring dancers is to breathe and not to get overwhelmed, cuz life is full of ups and downs and we totally agree with her on this. She also has her own YouTube channel too which is flooded with some amazing choreography so don’t forget to check it out.

2. Christine Meier

Christine’s interest lies in the most famous Punjabi dance form which is Bhangra. What’s amazing is that she dances with that wholesome Punjabi vibe, and that’s what makes her videos awesome! Also, did you know, she conducted her first ever Bhangra dance class when she visited Mumbai for the first time in 2013. She has collaborated with the very talented, Melvin Louis. This collab sure did make both the creator’s fans go crazy! She also has her own Youtube channel which has over 400k subscribers with millions of views on her videos and soon she will be hitting the 500k mark. Kudos to you, Christine!

3. Meira Omar

Well, Miera is a huge fan of Deepika Padukone which drove her to Mumbai to pursue her career in acting. She also made an appearance in the movie ‘Wajah Tum Ho‘. However, she is also venturing into content creation back home in Stockholm, Sweden. She often hops onto Reel trends and can be seen dancing to trending Bollywood songs. Miera also has her own Youtube channel which has over 200k subscribers.

4. Jennifer

Jennifer hails from Germany (her username did make that evident right?) and she did stay in India for about a year. Along with having made some trips time and again after that. Also, she can speak multiple languages from Kannada, Gujrati, and Hindi. Jennifers Reels are absolutely relatable and quite entertaining too. Speaking of content, she posts her vlogs on her Youtube channel, where she also posts ‘challenge videos’ as well, pretty diverse right?

5. Hamsha Thavaseelan

Hamsha is a digital creator as well as a makeup artist from Toronto, Canada. Tbh, the above Reel is just WOW! An out-of-bed, casual look to a stunning Indian look transformation is something we all love, isn’t it? In this video, she talks about skincare products and the different ways one can apply makeup. Guys, you should defo check out her Youtube channel cuz the amount of effort that goes into creating these different makeup looks is insane.

6. Gurnaz

Gurnaz’s feed is all about comedy, beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle… pretty much make her an all-rounder, amirite? I’m so sure if you go through her Instagram feed you will immediately follow her. This creator’s videos are just so darn good and relatable, I can’t even! Her content is filled with such positive and amazing vibes that it’s almost like love sent to the viewers wherever they may be, all the way from Vancouver. Also, check out her Youtube channel for some fun and longer videos, hehehe.

Well, these creators have a lot in common but each of them is unique in their own way, so tell us in the comments below which creator did you find the most engaging and entertaining. On a side note, I know times have been tough and uncertain but we will be able to overcome this pandemic soon. Please stay home, stay safe.