You know what I truly love about the current time and day that we live in. I love that we’re able to have an open conversation about sex. It’s not as taboo a word as it was back in the day. We’re all allowed to explore ourselves and our love interests and the freedom is tantalizing isn’t it? Given the fact that Covid-19’s put a damper on all our sex lives with the use of the internet, social media and even OTT platforms we’re able to vicariously explore our interests. So if you’re in the mood to stream sex-positive shows that are funny and witty and entertaining all the same then this list should be right up your alley.

Here are 5 sex-positive shows to watch this weekend:

1) Bonding

Tiffany “Tiff” Chester is a psychology student who works as a part-time dominatrix. You wouldn’t think that BDSM and comedy could come together to create such a witty and dynamic show. You could totally binge-watch the two seasons that are out over a single weekend. The story follows the relationship she has with her gay best friend, Pete Devin from high school and enlists his help by hiring him as an assistant. The show is not just funny but also touches upon heart-breaking topics that surround alternate lifestyles and how it can finally liberate some of us.

2) Sex Education

This teenage drama is so much more than the stereotypical teeny-boppy shows. It tackles issues of sexual assault, asexuality and the coming-of-age story of a black, gay man. The show breaks all the rules where the geek is the protagonist and the Goth, anti-social plays female lead. It’s funny, surprising and will tread at your heartstrings.

3) Easy

Easy follows many couples and individuals living in Chicago and has a very prominent ensemble cast. Each of them is trying to navigate the nuances and complexities that come with love and relationships. The show portrays different forms of modern love keeping all judgment and biases at bay.

4) Sex, Explained

Sex, Explained is a limited docu-series that explores the topic of sex, its trends and nuances. They take on subjects like the history of birth control, fertility, attraction, childbirth and sexual fantasies with an entertaining tone. The show is narrated by Janelle Monáe.

5) Sexify

Netflix’s Polish original is a show that follows a software student, Natalia who is trying to build a groundbreaking sex app and win a competition. However, her app on sleep is a total bust, leading her to build an app around the intimidating world of sex and intimacy. This sexually inexperienced student embarks on a journey to find the mysterious female orgasm.

What are some sex-positive shows you’ve watched on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below.

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