The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways and it’s really upsetting to see people struggling during these tough times. We urge you to stay at home, stay safe, and get vaccinated whenever you can, it’s the need of the hour. Many content creators took to their Instagram to help people in every way possible and we can’t thank them enough for it. Not just that, even small start-ups and ancillary businesses were affected and shut down. However, a few fashion influencers started supporting small fashion houses and growing businesses to make people aware of these brands. So, start scrolling right away to read more about it and as to who these influencers were.

Here they are

1. Masoom Minawala

Tbh, Masoom has always been a keen supporter of small businesses since the very beginning. She recently started talking more about it looking at the pandemic and the need to support such businesses. She came up with #SupoortIndianDesigners and also features them in her posts and stories, I think she’s doing a fab job at it. In the above video, she shows different budget kaftans from such growing fashion brands. Also, not to forget she provided many verified sources to people who were in sheer need of help. Thank you Masoom for always supporting people.

2. Juhi Godambe

Here Juhi speaks about ways to motivate and encourage small businesses while keeping the pandemic in mind. She faced challenging times with her own brand ‘Arabellaa‘ but she didn’t give up. Instead of growling and getting upset, she started working on ways she could hustle, which included thinking for new collections, preparing new designs, getting to know her teammates, etc. This simple yet important message could help many brands think about a better tomorrow.

3. Saakshi Sindwani

Saakshi in her above post talks about how she predicts that the small business will be affected in the 2nd wave and ways we all can unify to support them. Therefore, she created her own marketplace to support such small businesses called ‘Smucoworks‘ and the tagline is just so apt ‘Create, Market, Empower, Become‘. This initiative by her is mainly to decode the importance of digital entrepreneurship. Speaking of the pandemic, she also helped in raising funds for people who were in urgent need of help and in providing verified sources.

4. Aakriti Rana

Aakriti is an influencer who has an impeccable sense of fashion and styling. I personally love her outfits, it just gives me good vibes, I am sure you can relate, hahaha. She always talks about small brands by giving them credits in her captions, just like the above post. She also urges her followers and everybody else to support #vocalforlocal and small homegrown businesses as it’s a challenging time for all.

5. Shereen Sikka

A few days back on World Earth Day, Shereen spoke about supporting sustainable fashion brands that care about our planet and the people. I’ve seen her love for supporting small brands through her Instagram stories and Reels. She also talks about how important it is to change our lifestyle to make a difference. Just like other influencers, she urges people to #shoplocalcuz even a small contribution would make a big impact.

6. Roshni Bhatia

Roshni requests people to #supportsmallbusiness by encouraging brands as well as creating awareness about them. She usually tags the brands in her captions which creates traction for the brands, which helps them a lot, especially during the pandemic. She talks about how these small brands can be trendsetters with unique designs and natural fabrics and she totes proves the same with the above Reel.

Well, these fashionistas have done their bit in suggesting, encouraging, creating awareness, and supporting many small brands. If you’re looking to buy something in the near future, you should defo look out at homegrown businesses and help them in your way as every contribution matters. Also, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.