Living through a pandemic has taught me one thing—savour every little moment of life for you never know when things might turn unsavoury. And when I had this moment of realisation which was a few days back, it also got me thinking of how as kids, life was simpler because there wasn’t much we knew about the world and the only goal in life was to be happy. So if that could be achieved by believing something or doing something that made us feel good, we did it. And then that thought got me thinking of how as kids were truly so, so funny! Yes, it was a quite random but thoughtful train of thought I had on one of those days where I suddenly found a philosophical twist in everything.

But, circling back to my point about kids being funny; all of us collectively did certain things as children that seem so funny and dumb now but they felt so real and serious back then. So I thought of listing them all out for you to reminisce your childhood. Go!

1. Believed the moon was following us when we were in the car.

2. Ate mud just to know what it tastes like.

3. Thinking we wouldn’t need our parent’s permission for everything after turning 18.

4. Didn’t nap enough and wasted precious hours of sleep.

5. Thinking the ATM is where money is made.

6. Being scared of swallowing seeds thinking we’d grow trees inside us.

7. Talking straight at a table fan to produce a robotic sound.

8. Thinking kids were born automatically after two people got married.

9. Believing that Santa Clause is real!

10. Not sleeping with one leg out of the blanket because of the leg monster under the bed.

11. Thinking 20-year-olds were basically adults who had their lives well in order.

12. Telling your teacher that your dog ate your homework.

13. Thinking money grew on trees.

14. Doing “katti/butti” to assert friendship.

15. Feeling absolutely proud to be selected by the teacher as the person who could rub the blackboard.

16. Joining Facebook by lying about our age.

17. Fake sleeping so our parents would carry us to bed.

18. Believing in the tooth fairy so keeping the broken tooth under the pillow.

19. Peeing in the swimming pools because, well, weren’t we all just disgusting like that?

20. Lastly, for thinking adulthood was all fun and games!

Can you guys recall any more such funny things we did as kids? Tell me in the comments below.

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