Everyone loves a good, harmless prank. For those who love pranking others, it can be quite an adrenaline rush. And for those who have been pranked, those minutes can be quite a roller coaster ride of emotions. Social Media often has a special category of people who are avid fans of prank videos. Be it shorter videos or a full episode, they’d pretty much consume it all. But if you have been binge-watching Instagram Reels like I have, yes this a confession!… Then you must have come across Gagandeep Singh Anand a.k.a. Guggin94‘s mom pranks video. Every bit of the video is hilarious and filled with cute momma vibes. If you’ve missed it, we have a few for you right here!

Check ‘em out

1. The one that got famous

This fake prank Reel video was so convincing that I think Gagandeep and his brother surely managed to fool the viewers too. But momma Anand sitting at the back there is literally the cutest! Ain’t she?

2.  This very ‘skillful’ prank

This prank is so good that I would love to try this on my mom. But before that I need to up my editing app game first. Haha! But my favourite part in the chat was, ‘Manjeri’! I think I laughed a little too hard there.

3. The stare prank

Now, this is a prank that requires two kinds of people. One – who will at no circumstance laugh and quite dedicatedly pull of this prank. Second – who will at no cost run away after seeing person number 1 in that state. Making Gagandeep and momma Anand the perfect participants of this prank video, which I’m saving for later to prank my mum.

4. This really risky prank

This prank is every bit hilarious but that end is so darn risky. If anybody wants to try out this one just give your mum a bit of a warning I’d say. Am I going to try this one? Nah-uh! Am I going to be watching this on loop? Ya-huh!

5. This ghostly prank

I have laughed so hard even before momma Anand’s reaction began in this video, only because I knew this one is going to be hilarious. But that end where she says, ‘I’m not going to give you roti’. Gagandeep, you can’t really blame her if you didn’t get food that day.

6. Say hi to my friends prank

Omg momma Anand being such a cutie in this video. She literally said such a sweet and excited ‘hi’. For all those who don’t know, this was a trend making the rounds a few weeks ago. The reactions obviously were sad and hilarious at the same time.

7. The Fly Prank

Momma Anand’s reaction to this prank is just so cute. But big bro Anand did not like this prank one bit it seems. The highlight moment of this video was definitely when momma just went right for the lid, to ensure that nasty ‘fly’ doesn’t take a dip in her food.

8. Who farted here?

So Gagandeep also does a few family prank videos and this video was the one that kept popping on my Instagram Reel explore section. Another Reel trend turned into a fam prank video that got me laughing like no tomorrow.

These were some of the prank videos by Gagandeep that I played on loop and have been my go-to for my daily laughter dose. Tbh, his content is so amazing that I look forward to more videos of this fam and of course, especially momma Anand. Do you have a favourite from this list or one you would like to try with your fam? Tell us about it in the comments.

On a side note, during these uncertain times, I truly hope this article managed to bring a smile to your face and uplift your mood. Please don’t forget to double mask up if you need to step out. Stay safe.