It’s the year 2021, and with the changing times, trending urban slangs have changed too. On social media, you may have come across so many terms that sound ‘Millennial’ or ‘Gen Z’. Within no time you may have also realized that ‘hey, everyone’s using these terms too?’ But did you know what their true meanings are? It can also be difficult to stay updated with what words are in-trend and what’s not. And, which is why we have this list of meme slangs that have been trending as of now, this year.

Scroll away to check out these meme slangs…

1. Rona or Vid

Rona/ Vid

Ever since the pandemic, the usage of the word Covid-19 or Corona Virus was marked the highest since last year. But to have to use this word loosely or humour may seem insensitive to a few. And that’s why the internet managed to come up with these two words.

2. Sus


This is a word that is commonly used when you don’t want to say the words ‘suspect’ or ‘suspicious’ completely. Like “Hey, you’re acting so sus!”

3. Lit


The word ‘Lit‘ has been trending for the last few years. Earlier it was recognized as a word that would mean to be intoxicated. But in recent times, this word is used when one has to describe a thing or a moment as interesting and amazing.

4. Dope


This word is commonly known to many and you must have seen it or heard about it in the digital or meme space very often. Dope is used when you have to express something as absolutely awesome or high quality.

5. Fire


This word in terms of exclamation is quite similar to dope and lit. It is used when you have to describe something as stunning and excellent. You may have often spotted them in memes too. In terms of sentence usage, if you have to say “these sneakers are so cool”, you can also say, “these sneakers are fire!”

6. Bet


In the earlier days, the word ‘bet‘ would mean yes. But it was only recently that bet became a sarcastic yes, meaning a no. Like if somebody would ask you, “Hey, can you get me french fries while coming home?”, if you wanna sarcastically yes or no, you can say “BETTTT!”

7. Cappin’


When you have to say ‘stop lying’ but with a whole lot of swag, Cappin‘ seems to be the perfect choice of word. While this word may still seem to be on the rise, it sure does seem to be catching on fast especially in the meme world.

So, these were some of the new internet slang of 2021 that are already popular or are catching on. How many of these words do you use quite often? Tell us about it in the comments below. And if you know of a word that seems to be upcoming and trending too, do share it with us. On a side note, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.