We’ve seen some pretty disheartening side effects of the pandemic. But one that seems to have plagued most of us is the lack of sex. But what if you could find alternate ways to treat yourself to some sexy time? Especially since sex doesn’t necessarily have to be between two people. With the right tools, you can get on a solo sexual adventure. And since it is masturbation month and all, let’s joyfully figure out what works for us. There’s no time like to present so hop on this bandwagon and let’s take a look at a myriad of sex toys that will help you come out the other side. Happier!

First of all let’s clear out what a sex toy is, shall we? It is a device or object that can be used to pleasure oneself and facilitate an orgasm. If you learn how to use these devices safely it can elevate your pleasure and add a nuanced element to your sexual interactions. Each of these devices is designed to offer you a unique form of pleasure.

Here’s a list of sex toys that can help you experience new realms of pleasure:

1) Vibrators

Vibrators often resemble the girth, look and feel of a penis. The external vibrators are mostly clitoral stimulators and will enhance the stimulation around the clitoris and labia. Internal vibrators are used for vaginal and internal penetration; they include several modes in terms of intensity. Some of them come with the rabbit which is an external part attached to the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris as you enjoy vaginal intersection simultaneously.

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2) Anal toys

Did you know that the prostate has a ton of nerve endings that offer a lot of pleasure? You could say it’s the equivalent of a G-spot or a clitoris. If this gland is stimulated correctly, one can successfully climax.

  • Butt plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers are some examples of anal toys. As the name suggests the butt plug is meant to sit in your butt like a plug and is designed to hit one specific spot. They may vibrate and come in various shapes and sizes and can even replicate the feeling of getting a rim job.
  • If you’re looking for a more playful toy then you can opt for anal beads. They are a series of small bulbs that you insert into your anus and are used in preparation for anal sex.
  • A prostate massager is a device that vibrates and can be inserted into the anus to stimulate the prostate.
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3) Dildos

Designed to replicate the phallic shape these toys are used to penetrate the mouth, vagina and anus. They are available in different textures, shapes and sizes. You can also opt for the inconspicuous bullet that is often disguised to look like a lipstick. And don’t be fooled by its miniature size because they are capable of providing just as much pleasure.

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4) Harnesses

A harness is kinda like underwear but only with straps that expose your private parts. It is mostly used for bondage purposes. You can also attach a dildo to some of these to indulge in strap on play that can be used for penetrative anal or vaginal sex.

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5) Sex furniture

Furniture like sex swings and shower grips are constructed to give you maximum pleasure and help you experiment with otherwise difficult sex positions. It is not only constructed for intimacy but to also offer you physical support.

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6) Impact play/ BDSM gear

A flogger is a hand-held item with a soft leather fringe that can be used as a whip. And a paddle can be used for spanking and is often made of wood or leather.

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7) Cock rings

This device is used at the base of the penis to stop the blood flow back to the body thus enhancing the erection. The safest kinds to use are made from silicone but you can opt for the steel and titanium kinds if you’re on the kinky experimental side. Vibrating cock rings are also quite popular because they help with one’s own pleasure but also offer clitoral stimulation for their partner. Take it off immediately if you begin to feel any kind of pain.

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8) Masturbation sleeve

Commonly known as the Fleshlight—a device that can sometimes mimic the look and feel of the vagina. It is a device that one can masturbate into by the insertion of the penis. Given that we are in the future, they can vibrate, warm-up and pulsate and even come in various textures.

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How to stay safe when using sex toys?

  • Rule number one don’t share your sex toys because they can spread STD’s. And if you do, wash your device with mild soap and water after you use them and before they touch another person’s privates.
  • Always use your toys with a condom especially when sharing with partners. And make sure you change them out for your next round.
  • If you’re using this device in your anus, it would serve you well to use a lot of lube because the anus doesn’t lubricate itself like the vagina. Also do not insert a toy that’s been in your anus into your vagina without washing it. The germs from the anus can cause vaginitis.
  • Also if you’re into butt play then make sure you find a device with a wide base because the anus is known to swallow toys and you’ll need to doctor to extract it. Of course, this won’t happen with a vagina because the cervix blocks it at the end.
  • Always opt for water-based lubricant as it is much safer than using silicone lube.
  • Porous sexy toys made from PVC, jelly, rubber or silicone will absorb germs even if you wash your toy. However, you can enjoy these with a condom on. Although, it will serve you well to opt for non-toxic, body-safe toys.
  • Always read instructions on how to clean your sex toy or just Google/YouTube for more information.
  • Don’t be ashamed to buy a sex toy and in the process invent one that isn’t safe to be inserted into your body. These can be dangerous and can cause infections.

Where you can shop for some of these sex toys?

What are some sex toys you use to pleasure yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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