We all dream big, don’t we? It’s true that dreams can turn into reality, so build on them, so that they can build you someday. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, stay passionate and determined. The journey of a 13-year-old girl from Mumbai, Maleesha Kharwa proves that dreams can come true. Today, Maleesha is not only a social media sensation but also an inspiration for many young girls. Her journey of being a supermodel has just begun and we can only see her achieve higher heights and milestones from here. If you want to know more about the #PrincessFromTheSlum then your chariot awaits, get ready to enter a dreamland full of interesting things about our rising supermodel.

Who is Maleesha Kharwa?

A young girl who resides in a slum with her family by the rocks along the sea link in Bandra, Mumbai. With over 148k followers on her verified Instagram account, Maleesha has been the talk of the town. There’s something strikingly adorable about Maleesha, her long wavy hair cascading down her shoulders, her sparkling eyes, and her beautiful smile steals our hearts. Moreover, she is a youth icon who is inspiring others with kindness and innocence. Maleesha became an internet sensation after meeting with Step Up 2: The Streets Actor, Robert Hoffman. She then got noticed and popular as ‘the princess from the slum‘ all around the world. This was the beginning of her dreams to come true!

To becoming the next top model

What can we say about this young beautiful girl who dreams of becoming a model and dancer when she grows up? This might seem like a far-fetched dream but guess what destiny has some other plans. Well, the ace designers Shane and Falguni Peacock have featured top celebrities and creators on their magazine cover but Maleesha caught their attention. She was Peacock magazine cover girl for the  October 2020 edition. This surely was a baby step towards fulfilling her ambition. We cannot stress enough on how much we loved her on the cover and can’t wait to see her become the next top model.

All about her short film ‘Live Your Fairy Tale’

Maleesha loves to spend time with her father, brother and friends. Little did she know that this would turn into a documentary film by Jas Sagu and Arsala Qureishi, the women behind ‘Live Your Fairy Tale’. The idea was to capture Maleesha’s life in a raw and organic manner, full of first-time emotions, moments of happiness, joy and thrill. Maleesha is deconstructing every convention of a fairy tale with love, positivity, hopes and dreams and she makes us all proud. She inspires us to find happiness in the little things that surround us and make the most of every opportunity. Maleesha’s fairy tale has just started and we can’t wait to see her conquer as a queen.

Here’s what Maleesha Kharwa has to say about her journey,

When I sit alone in my house and think about how my life has changed, I feel happy and excited. All the doors that were once closed have opened and I will open many more doors in the future. The truth is that I was never sad, no matter what I always found my joy and hapiness in little things. It’s my dream to sit and travel in an aeroplane, I am praying for this dream to turn into reality someday. That’s not all I am a dreamer who feels that all my dreams will  come true and that brings a smile to my face. All of this is possible only because of everyones support and encouragement.I wish to buy a house for my family, with a nice bathroom and I shall one day. A fun fact baout me is that I love eating cakes, chocolate and strawberry cakes are my favourite. Well, people say I live in a slum but I love my life. Not just that but, we must always be kind to everyone and help people. I want to help people because they also have dreams and my dreams are coming true so I want to help their dreams come true too.

Maleesha’s story really proves that if we all work together then anything and everything can happen. She showed us that there can be a spark of happiness in gloomy times and we totally agree with her. A young girl inspiring others to dream has come a long way in such a short span of time. If you haven’t checked out her documentary yet, then click here.On a side note, during these uncertain times, we truly hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and staying home and safe.