I think all of us can agree that social media in today’s day and age has a huge impact on our lives. Most of us spend hours scrolling through our Instagram feed and absorb so much content. As you all are aware, content creators today have a fanbase in millions and so many people absorb their content and get influenced by it. So, I love it when creators show their absolute real self to the audience and don’t shy away from being true to themselves on social media. One such content creator is Shraddha Gurung a.k.a @lilmissgurung, who positively influences people with her real and relatable posts and videos. I absolutely love how she is so candid on social media platforms and speaks her heart out. Check out these posts of hers if you don’t believe me!

Here they are:

Currently, we are all amidst some highly uncertain times and it’s only natural to go through mental turmoil and not feel your best every day. I love how Shraddha jumped on this viral trend and gave it her own candid take. I can absolutely relate when she said ‘I am my own problem and my own solution’.

2. She promotes a healthy body image

This post and caption really hit me in the feels. I admire how openly she talks about her changes in appearance and how she manages to overcome her mental challenges. I am sure many of us can relate to her caption as most of us have gone through the same. Let her post be a reminder for you that all of us are in this together.

3. Supporting people through the pandemic

The pandemic has been difficult on everyone and most of us have been feeling low because of the constant bad news everywhere. Amidst the second wave in India, Shraddha actively tried to support people by sharing verified leads and resources on her social media account. Not just that, she also organised a guided meditation on her Instagram page so people can take care of their well-being. You can check her IGTV out on her profile.

4. She tries new things and encourages others too

While I would love to try skateboarding, I was scared that I would suck at it in the beginning. However, watching Shraddha fearlessly give it a shot inspires me to another level. She doesn’t shy away from trying new things and also makes sure her audience is updated about her experiences.

5. Being candid about her workouts

I can relate to this video of Shraddha more than any perfect fitness video I have ever seen. I absolutely admire how she doesn’t shy away from showing her workout progress. She openly addresses the fact that it might not be perfect and that’s okay. Way to go queen!

These were just 5 of the thousands of amazing and inspiring posts she has on her Instagram feed. Apart from being an amazing beauty and lifestyle content creator, she is also an advocate of mental well-being and I find that super cool. Her real and relatable content has got her thousands of followers and for all good reasons. So, whenever you are feeling down, head to her profile, it might just cheer you up!

Also, we hope everyone reading this article is staying home, staying safe and trying to book their vaccine slots. We will overcome this together.