It’s 2021 and we are still working from home. We are still attending meetings in our pajamas, constantly bending over our phones like croissants, missing out on scandalous gossip as it no longer exists and feeling more isolated from our co-workers than ever. While working from home initially brought with it the promise of relaxation, no more “what-to-wear-today” confusion and zero commute costs, it now only brings grief. As someone who hasn’t met any of her co-workers after starting work, I cannot stress enough on the sadness I feel while working from home. And I am sure I am not alone. Here are a few things I miss about being in an office space that isn’t my bedroom:

8 Things I Miss About Going To Work

1. Clicking With Co-Workers

Anyone who has only met their co-workers over Zoom or Google Meet will agree that it blows. Not being able to physically meet those you work with is the worst thing to happen to us since Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Meeting them IRL gives you a chance to click with them personally, know their quirks, find common interests, figure out their deepest, darkest secrets and more. Essentially, it allows you to be friends with them. Working from home just doesn’t do that, and it makes me sad.

2. Eating Lunch Together

Lunch-time at office was the best time. Everyone squeezes on a table that was clearly meant for fewer people. But the best part is the buffet spread that emerges after. Eating dabbas from different homes is a feeling like no other, especially when you have khichdi and someone has butter chicken. Finding a partner-in-dine when you’re craving a greasy burger from McDonalds is a real sign of companionship. Eating lunch together is definitely one of the main things I miss about going to work.

3. Office Gup-Shup

What even is an office if not a hub for gossip? Learning about secret romances, corporate conflicts, your boss’ secrets, impending resignations and even some backstabbing behaviour is the most thrilling part about going to work. I used to love catching up on office gossip early morning, standing in an obscure corner with my team, sipping coffee and spilling tea.

4. Staying In Office Post Working-Hours

Yes, working post office-hours is a pain, but sometimes it wasn’t. There was something special about staying in and burning the midnight oil with your colleagues that made it worth it. Ordering junk food, cheekily popping open a “cold one” and complaining about the person who made you stay back is something I really miss about going to work.

5. Dressing Up

Who misses dressing up for work? I didn’t miss it at first but I desperately do now. Cute office “OOTD”s, showing off your new bling and sporting fun shoes is something I deeply miss, as I’m sure you do as well. I also miss doing my simple office make-up everyday while pretending I was in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video.

6. Post-Work Drinks

Nothing took the edge off like a cocktail post work. The simple joy of having a drink after a long day is unparalleled to any other. Plus, it was a great way to try out new places, use group discount coupons, flirt for drinks and do away with your stress. Fridays have never felt the same during this pandemic!

7. Making Your Non-Work Friends Jealous

The one fun thing I miss about going to work was showing off how fun my office was, both online and offline. If your non-work friends weren’t jealous of the relationship you shared with your colleagues, what was the point of having colleagues? Inside jokes, office shenanigans and endless laughter hit different with your co-workers, who very soon become your bum-chums.

8. Office Parties

We all have the most fun when someone else is paying for it. In this case, that someone else was our company. Office parties were actually fun and I feel guilty for all the times I said they weren’t. Birthdays hit different at work as well, especially with each office having their own version of the “Happy birthday” song.

I cannot wait for this pandemic to end so that I can go back to office and be with my colleagues without fearing for my life or theirs. What do you miss about going to work? Share it with us in the comments below and download the Girl Tribe by MissMalini App to be a part of more such conversations!

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